The Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

Today we have an article below from Heather Turner of on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Heather is a semi-professional athlete and a full vegan, so it’s interesting to hear what she has to say. I’ve been close to vegan for a number of years but I realise I’ve never been fully vegan, firstly because I’ve always eaten honey and then because, when there are no other choices, I will eat a little cheese (in fact, I like a little cheese from time to time). I’ve also learnt that full vegan is not synonymous with being healthy because French fries, potato crisps and corn chips are all fully vegan but certainly not healthy choices. Anyway, let’s have a look at what Heather has to say. – Peter.

The Benefits Of A Vegan Lifestyle

By Heather Turner

There has certainly been some changes in what we eat nowadays and being a vegan is one of those lifestyle options that you could freely choose now and know that a lot of food sellers, like restaurants and cafes, will be able to cater for any and all dietary requirements. But why are people switching to a plant-based diet? Well aside from the environmental benefits of not eating animal meat, the vegan diet can have a number of health benefits. So if you’re looking to a vegan lifestyle, here’s why it’s good for you.

the benefits of a vegan lifestyle

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It’s Richer In Nutrients

The nutrients that are in vegan food are going to be a lot richer than those in processed foods. Sure, processed foods may come in the form of frozen meals or a way that makes preparing it easier. However, having fresh ingredients is the best way of ensuring that all those good nutrients are being supplied to your body. You’re eliminating the meat and animal products in your diet and although historically they’ve been a staple in a typical Western diet, they’re not necessary in order for your body to survive. However, it will rely on you being more invested in other foods to compensate for any lack of nutrients that have come from meat-based foods. With vegan diets, there tends to be more fibre in the diet, which helps you have more energy and that’s something we’d all like. There’s also likely to be more antioxidants and other nutrients like potassium and vitamins A, C and E. Nutrients are essential for your body to continue to live and to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Meals Contain Fewer Calories

“There needs to be some awareness though that even though vegan food holds less calories, it’s still going to be bad for you if you’re eating too much of it.”

Calorie-counting is something you shouldn’t be doing too often because it can have an affect on your relationship with food. You’ll become determined to lower your calorie in-take as much as possible which although some reduction can be beneficial, your body will struggle. On a plant-based diet, you are going to be ingesting fewer calories because of the food involved, it isn’t as highly calorific as most foods that contain meat. With a lot of processed foods, extra ingredients are pumped into it in order to preserve its freshness. There needs to be some awareness though that even as vegan food holds less calories, it’s still going to be bad for you if you’re eating too much of it. The calories will soon add up and you’ll end up feeling constantly bloated if you’ve exceeded your recommended calorie intake per day. So try to think a lot more about moderation and how much you might be putting onto your plate.

It May Help You Lose Weight

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Losing weight is good for your body, particularly if you find yourself putting on more weight as you get older. And that often is a part of life. With vegan diets, you can check out when it comes to getting the best enzymes in order to help you lose weight quicker. With a plant-based diet, don’t forget you will end up having a lot more energy than normal and that will provide you with the motivation that you need in order to help shift any excess weight. As your bodily functions will also be a lot more productive, you’ll find that the rate at which you lose weight will speed up because your body is finding it easier to process the food quicker. This all contributes to your metabolism which although it gets slower as you age, you can help it a little by going on this specific dietary choice.

Can Help Reduce The Likelihood Of Cancer

Cancer is one of those diseases that is wiping out a considerable amount of the population and it effects various parts of the body. In order to help combat all cancers, there’s definitely more money being pumped into research so that cures can be found and that can be administered without harming the body. As this is an on-going process, there are lifestyle changes that can reduce the likelihood of getting cancer. Smoking is one issue that causes lung and throat cancers and eating certain foods can also contribute. Plant-based diets tend to have more soy-based products and that can be a great contributor to helping with breast cancer (see the related links below). There are plenty of foods within your diet that may go towards increasing your chances of cancer, so try to find the ones that don’t.

It Cuts Out All The Energy-Draining Foods

Energy is something we all want to have more of, particularly as our lives become more active and more tends to be demanded from us. With that in mind, going on a vegan diet can definitely help to improve the amount of energy we have. Typical western diets can contain a lot of junk food and that only tends to contribute to a lack of energy. Therefore, it’s definitely wise to replace those junk foods with vegan-based ingredients. You’ll definitely feel an increase in energy levels, meaning you can do more with your daily life than usual.

Helps To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels are something we should all be concerned about because they affect the way we feel and it can also play on our health. With a lot of processed food, there’s going to be plenty of sugar in them and so there’s a reason why fresh ingredients do a lot more for your body and don’t contain nearly as much sugar as typical diets do. The sugar also tends to be more natural anyway. A lot of studies have shown that vegan diets to reduce the amount of sugar in diabetics, which of course can be very helpful to this immune disease.

Having a vegan lifestyle is definitely something you should try. Not only is it providing you with a healthier body and mind, but it’s also a lot kinder to the environment and will hopefully help to make our little world last longer in the process.

More about Heather;
Heather is a personal trainer and vegan lifestyle coach with a passion for making gains and expanding brains. Brought up in your typical household built on meat and dairy, making the switch was her own choice and one that she made for her health as much as for the ethics and environmental impact.

Now Heather is obsessed with sharing just how incredible her journey has been and what a huge difference it can make for your health.

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