How science connects the world

A talk by Marilyn Monk published by the Scientific and Medical Network in 2019 and her contribution at a conference in London called “Evolving Consciousness: Spiritual Experience in a Secular Age” in November 2019 organised by the Scientific and Medical Network with The Fetzer Institute.

Professor Marilyn Monk is Emeritus Professor of Molecular Embryology at University College London. She researches life at a subcellular level – at the level of molecules – and at a cellular level. Her work as a laboratory scientist over 60 years has been involved with DNA replication and repair, with the genetics of bacteria and their viruses, with amoeboid cell signalling and aggregation, with single cell molecular biology and pre-implantation diagnosis, with epigenetics and the discovery of deprogramming in development to embryonic stem cells, with gene transcription and its epigenetic regulation in embryonic development, and with the isolation of embryo/cancer genes towards development of a prophylactic cancer vaccine.

Marilyn Monk is an amazing person I’ve been so lucky to come in contact with as a result of Life in the Right Direction. It’s amazing to see a career scientist (molecular biologist, and Professor no less!) talking about consciousness and service, belonging and meaning, without discarding her scientific approach. It’s absolutely true that we need both science and spirituality – it’s not an either or situation. The videos of Marilyn below are well worth watching. I love to hear how she thinks about the topic of how science connects the world, and more.

This is Marilyn’s 12-minute video, “How science connects the world”…

I really like the way that, if you keep following scientific thought, and keep asking the next difficult question, then one starts to feel that there must be a higher power beyond the boundaries of the scientific enquiry.

Some of my favourite comments of Marilyn’s in “How science connects the world” are;

  • Consciousness is everywhere (assuming it is defined by awareness and responsiveness to surroundings)
  • Nobody was more surprised than myself when I ended up at the end of my analysis, with proof of the concept that God is service – which I see as love
  • Love works. Just every day, love works, and neglect, abandonment and abuse don’t
  • At every level of increasing complexity, the material mechanisms of service of parts to their higher order structure are known (scientifically)
  • Because I’m interconnected with everything else, I am connected to the consciousness of everything else as well
  • Creation equals extinction. There are as many species gone extinct as there are on the planet today, and that turnover means that the old is being replaced by the new. There’s only so much material blown out by the big bang, so for creation to continue, death has got to equal birth and extinction has got to equal creation
  • I had these rules of service, parts to whole, whole looking after parts, conglomeration of parts to make a greater whole, turnover, etc. When I got to the top, it was impossible to draw a line because one of the rules was the parts don’t know who they’re serving. So we have the whole cosmos not knowing what it is serving. And, the lesson from the scientific analysis that appropriate service ensuring flourishing and survival, looking like love.
  • There has to be a higher power, beyond cosmos, looking after everything

how science connects the world

Marilyn’s analysis shows how science can connect the world and it does so without eliminating consciousness and spirituality. A deep scientific investigation often leads to awareness of consciousness and spirituality (for example – Double-slit experiment defines weirdness). Listening to Marilyn’s talk also reminds me of the ability to meditate about a simple table and to realise that the table contains the whole universe (A Table and the Universe) – Marilyn’s fluxing of interconnectedness.

And, you can download Marilyn’s published paper “A Hierarchy of Consciousness from Atom to Cosmos” by following the link. This was published by the Scientific and Medical Network ( in Paradigm Explorer 2019/2.

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