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Raw Success by Matt MonarchRaw Success

I received an e-book version of this book as a download when I purchased some stuff from “Raw for 30 Days” (see the movie Simply Raw). That was over a year ago now (I’m writing this in December 2013) and somehow, when I opened my iPad yesterday, this e-book was right in front of me. I started reading a little and couldn’t put it down. It has a lot of really interesting information for me at this time in my life. It’s well written, easy to read, teaches me some things, challenges me on others and leaves me with some things to look more into and check out.

This book certainly wouldn’t be for everyone. A lot of people currently on the “conventional western diet” would think it’s absolute rubbish written by a madman. But it’s not. It’s written by a man who has been living 100% raw vegan for years now after being on the conventional western diet. It’s easy to tell in his writing that he’s trying to help other people with this book.

The chapters in the book are;

  1. Living Forever
  2. Stabilizing Out
  3. Optimal Lifestyle
  4. Elimination
  5. How do we Digest Food and Air?
  6. What are we Detoxing?
  7. Step One: Cleansing
  8. Step Two: Avoiding Marginal Deficiencies
  9. Step Three: Optimal Food Intake
  10. Optimal Habits
  11. Fruit, Fat and Fermentation
  12. Additional Support
  13. Step Four: Exploring the Rabbit Hole
  14. Step Five: Emotional and Spiritual Health
  15. Water
  16. A Note About: Exercise, Sleep and More
  17. My Raw Path
  • Appendix A – What You Don’t Eat
  • Appendix B – Common Raw Success Questions and Answers
  • Appendix C – Colonic Irrigation Testimonials

Also, if the middle of the book is a complete mini-book called;

  • The Science Behind it All – The Blood Gas Theory, with sections entitled
    • The Gas Mystery Unveiled
    • Feeling the Pressure
    • Lifesaving Detox
    • The Cause of Cancer – Explained
    • Colon Hydrotherapy
    • Gas and Ailments
    • Feeling Gasey?
    • Chewing Our Food
    • Science and Spiritual Energy
    • Cellular Cleanliness
    • Bloodstream Cleanliness
    • Obstructions
    • Taking Out The Trash

 My learnings from my first reading of Raw Success

These are some of things that struck me on my first reading of Raw Success.

Cells Accumulate Junk – When there’s a consistent influx of junk coming into the system through a poor diet, the cells learn to accommodate it and store the junk inside them. They are waiting for a break so they can throw the junk out, but if we eat all the time, there never is a break. A question for me to investigate – does fat just end getting stuffed into normal cells?

Our Cells Need Nutrients and Oxygen – This should have been obvious, but our cells need nutrients plus oxygen in order to perform the chemical reactions they need to thrive. On page 41 there’s a simple sketch of the heart/lung/body interaction. Blood arrives at the heart full of CO2 (by-product of cellular actions) and nutrients (digested from food), the heart pumps this to the lungs where the CO2 is expelled and oxygen (from the air) is brought in, this then flows back to the heart so it can be pumped out to all the cells in the body. The cells take the nutrients, use oxygen to perform the chemical reactions and create CO2 as a by-product. And the cycle starts again. What I learnt from this is the importance of the quality of our air for our vitality. It’s not just nutrients that are important.

Detoxing accumulated toxins can take decades!

The Base of Our Environment – We have to look at how toxic our environment is. For example, how toxic is the air we’re breathing. It turns out that our environment can shorten the lengths of our lives, just as the food we eat can. If we try to eat an extremely clean diet, then we might make ourselves more susceptible to the toxicity of the environment.

Eating too clean may make you too susceptible to environmental challenges and changes

Colonic Irrigations – Matt has almost convinced me to have colonic irrigations or enemas. His arguments are convincing. I’m going to look into this a bit more and give it a try.

Juicing compared to Blending – This is the first time I’ve read something that explained well why juicing can be better than blending. Very interesting. It works out that we still need to chew a blended meal so that our teeth can break down more of the fibrous matter and that sufficient saliva is added. The concept of Fletcherizing was introduced to me.

Matt also introduced two people that I want to look into more – Dr. Fred Bisci and Dr. Normal Walker.

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