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Organic Food – a different view

I often hear people say that “organic foods are too expensive” and this always intrigues me. Since I’ve been buying mostly organic food, I’ve found that my shopping bills have decreased. So what gives?

Below is a different way of looking at organic food. Do you dare consider it and see if it has any effect on you?

organic food - panier de légumes du jardin

Imagine a world where organic food was normal

Imagine a world where everyone ate organic food all the time. Not too hard to imagine really as our grandparents ate organic food, but then it was just called “food”.

For the purpose of this post, let’s define organic food as food that was grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides, prepared without any artificial chemicals, required no injections of antibiotics and contains no genetically modified organisms. There is more to organic food, but this is certainly enough to consider right now.

Ok, are you imagining this world where organic food was the only food you could get and everyone ate it? Now, something new comes along…

A new way to reduce your grocery bills

Somebody comes along with something in a small bottle and a dropper and says, “if you take just a few drops of this solution every day, I’ll reduce your food bill by 20%”. Sounds like a good deal but, of course, you ask “but what’s in those drops?”. The person replies, “oh, just some chemicals that help us prepare food more cheaply. Don’t worry, they’re safe, at least at these doses. There are some medical studies that suggest they are linked to cancer and a whole range of diseases but, at these small doses, we’re sure they are completely safe. Oh, but if you’re pregnant, you might not want to take them.”

Well now, just a few drops a day and your food bill will be cut by 20%. Any takers?

With the appropriate investment in a marketing campaign, large societies started taking the drops and saving on their food bill.

Fast forward back to today

When I look at the world today, it seems like the above scenario has already happened. What we call “normal” food contains lots of little chemicals, supposedly in small amounts that are safe to our bodies. Artificial fertilisers, artificial pesticides, preservatives, flavour enhancers like MSG, artificial colourings, artificial sweeteners, and even genetically modified organisms.

A beautifully orchestrated marketing campaign has convinced us that foods with these additions are now “normal” and that “modern agricultural methods” are very efficient and without them, we wouldn’t be able to feed the world.

None of this is true! Actually, this sort of “processing” makes our food more expensive.

Modern food is more expensive

It must be. Try this simple thought experiment.

Food companies must start with some raw ingredients from nature. Imagine a lettuce. The company adds some stuff, cooks it a little, adds more stuff, preservatives, colorings, etc. and then packages it.  It can’t now be cheaper than the original lettuce. No way. The company has taken a $1 lettuce and is now selling it for $4 or more. They have found a way to take something natural and cheap and sell it “with a secret recipe” for much more and they’ve convinced us through years of marketing that we want this.

Why can’t we just eat the original ingredients, the organic food? They are much cheaper and they are precisely what nature intended us to eat.

Adding addictive substances

Seems like the companies have thought that we might just go and eat the original ingredients, so they came up with a secret weapon to stop that. They added addictive substances. There are many of these, but the most prevalent is sugar. Yes, sugar is addictive! (see this article on Sugar Addiction) Once you’re hooked on the taste of these addictive substances, you’ll find it hard to go back to the original ingredients.

I see this addiction all the time. Whenever I ask someone to try one of the original, natural ingredients, they often taste it and say “oh no, that doesn’t taste right!”. What? It IS “right”. It was made by nature and it is the perfect food for our body, and we say it doesn’t taste right. This is proof that food companies have fooled us and we’re all addicted to substances that aren’t natural.

We don’t have to be deceived any longer

The food industry has pulled off one of the greatest deceptions of all time. Like selling ice to the eskimos, the food companies have managed to take real, natural food that’s just at our feet and sell it back to us (in a worse state) for a much higher price. And, worse still, we’re grateful to them for doing this and helping save the world from starvation.

Well, the choice is ours. We can keep going along with this or we can stop it right now. It’s easy. It’s just a choice. Apart from overcoming the initial problems of dropping the substances we’ve become addicted to, our bodies will eventually love getting off that stuff and back onto the real food of Nature.

The move back to organic food

Organic food is just the basic food provided by Nature and the Earth. We can choose to eat just that and avoid all the trickery. No need to watch any marketing if you eat natures basic foods, and our bodies will be a lot healthier and happier as a result.

As with everything in life, the future depends on the choices we make NOW. What do you choose? Organic food? Or processed, garbled versions of organic food in some pretty packaging and with a catchy name? The choice is ours.

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