Mind Over Medicine : scientific proof you can heal yourself

mind over medicineThis book shows, in a clear scientific way, how the mind is a much bigger factor in our health that we are led to believe. Lissa starts the book off considering the placebo effect and wonders, if it can work so well some of the time, can we make it work more often?. What a good idea!

Lissa Rankin is a medical doctor so she carries with her the full training of the medical profession. In spite of this, she makes the following quote in the Introduction to this book;

What if you have the power to heal your body just by changing how your mind thinks and feels?

I read this book a few months ago and I’m flicking through it again now. I really feel the urge to read it again. It’s very good. And it’s well written and easy to read. Well worth it if you have time and want to find out about a more sensible way to find health.

Table of Contents – Mind Over Medicine

  • Part 1 – Believe Yourself Well
    • Chapter 1 – The Shocking Truth About Your Health Beliefs
    • Chapter 2 – The Surefire Way To Make Yourself Sick and Prevent Disease Remission
    • Chapter 3 – The Healing Factor That Can Make All the Difference
  • Part 2 – Treat Your Mind
    • Chapter 4 – Redefining Health
    • Chapter 5 – Loneliness Poisons the Body
    • Chapter 6 – Death by Overwork
    • Chapter 7 – Happiness Is Preventative Medicine
    • Chapter 8 – How to Counteract the Stress Response
  • Part 3 – Write the Prescription
    • Chapter 9 – Radical Self-Care
    • Chapter 10 – 6 Steps to Healing Yourself
  • Appendix A – 8 Tips for How to Be in Your Body
  • Appendix B – Lissa’s Personal Self-Healing Diagnosis
  • Appendix C – Lissa’s Personal Prescription

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