Chronic Disease Isn’t Normal

Chronic Disease Isn’t Normal

We have accepted that chronic disease is just a part of life. We believe it just happens to some people (hopefully not anybody we know). Pharmaceutical companies tell us that they have medications these people can take for the rest of our lives to ease the symptoms. Modern medicine has no idea why chronic disease, especially autoimmune diseases, start. We assume it’s just bad luck, or hereditary, if someone is affected.

This is all wrong!

We’re not meant to have chronic disease, especially autoimmune diseases. These are just a sign, and a very obvious one, that the body is not coping in the environment that we’ve placed it. And, we have the proof of this. See the evidence below… (and check out my final comments at the bottom)…

Chronic disease isn't normal

Exhibit 1 – Dr. Terry Wahls – Wheelchair To Walking By Changing Diet

I saw this talk by Dr. Terry Wahls a couple of weeks ago and it was inspirational. Please see my full summary report on this video [click here] or watch the video directly on this page below. In summary, Terry is an M.D. who came down with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Over a 6 year period, conventional medicine failed to cure her and she kept getting worse. When she decided to change her diet, she was cured within 12 months.

Conclusion – chronic disease was cured by changing diet and other environmental factors.

Exhibit 2 – Dr. Amy Myers – Autoimmune Diseases – Medicine Gets Them Wrong

This is another video from that I found inspirational. Please see my full summary report on this video [click here] or watch the video directly on this page below. Dr. Amy Myers is an M.D. who contracted Graves disease (overactive thyroid). In her case, she found nothing that helped and had her thyroid ablated (blown up or destroyed using radioactive iodine). It was only afterwards that Amy discovered that the condition could have been cured by diet. She now runs a clinic that regularly cures people of Graves disease using diet.

Conclusion – chronic disease is commonly cured by changing diet.

Exhibit 3 – Dr. William Davis – Wheat Belly

chronic disease isn't normal - wheat bellyDr. William Davis is a heart surgeon who became disillusioned with the results of conventional medicine and looked for something better. Please see my full summary report on this video [click here] or watch the video directly on this page below. He found that after 3 months of taking his patients off wheat that almost all of their symptoms had gone. He has written the book “Wheat Belly” and is an avid campaigner against wheat amongst other things.

Conclusion – poor dietary choices definitely creates the environment for chronic disease.

Exhibit 4 – Dr. Alejandro Junger – Clean

Dr. Alejandro Junger is another heart surgeon who has become disillusioned about the results of standard medical practice. He has also realised that diet plays a crucial role in our overall health and has written the book “Clean” explaining how to correct our diets and make our internal systems work properly again. What he talks about with elimination diets and getting the intestinal system (gut) working well again, is similar to Dr. Amy Myers.

Conclusion – Diet plays a very important role in chronic disease.

Exhibit 5 – Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Terry Grossman – Fantastic Voyage

Ray and Terry wrote the book Fantastic Voyage which was one of the first books I read that made me realise that diet was a key to good health. Again, it includes a medical doctor that has reached this conclusion. They promote a more plant based diet and avoiding bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and sugar. Very good advice amongst a lot more.

Conclusion – Diet plays a very important role in making us unhealthy.

The Verdict on Chronic Disease

These five exhibits above all involve medical doctors who have realised and seen the proof of how a poor diet can make us unhealthy and prepare the environment for chronic disease. I firmly believe that we are not meant to be ill, but if we choose to create a poor environment for our bodies (with diet being one of the major factors in the body’s environment) then illness is really all we can expect.

There is a lot more evidence available out there on the web, but the five exhibits above should be enough to prove that there is truth behind this. Plus, I think we all know it, deep down.

Linking diet and self-love

Some questions we can ask ourselves are;

  • how do I regard myself?
  • what am I capable of?
  • am I a good person?
  • am I of benefit to others?
  • what do I deserve?

If we answered these questions negatively, then we’re more likely to sabotage our bodies with poor diets. If we answered them positively, then we’re more likely to believe that our bodies are worth taking care of in all ways, including a better diet. Unfortunately, the majority of people today would answer these questions negatively.

The questions above are all linked to self-love. But self-love and love of others are intrinsically linked. Try changing the on you in the questions above to a focus on “others” and see how you feel about the answers. If we can’t regard others well, see the good they are capable of, see their benefits to us and know that they deserve everything, then we won’t be able to accept that for ourselves. We won’t be able to love ourselves if we can’t see these qualities in others and love them for it.

Health is not just about changing diet. We know from the evidence above that chronic disease is encouraged by poor diets, and we know the diets that are good for our bodies. To make a lasting change to our diets we have to make a shift in the way we regard ourselves. We have to love ourselves (and others!) enough. Then we will stop the sabotaging habits that we believe are normal and ok.

Chronic disease isn’t normal. We don’t have to put up with it. We know what to do. Love ourselves enough, make the changes, and live an exciting, joyous life.

I’d love to hear what you think on this topic. You can leave a comment below or send me an email. Thanks.

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