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Bembu - is a health blog based on posts containing listsBembu – a useful blog

Just started looking at this site and it looks good so far. It’s a blog based on lists. Every post seems to be a list of some sort ¬†They have sections on Healthy Recipes, Healthy Foods, Vitamin Rich Foods, Detox and Weight Loss.

I found this page – 28 Simple & Natural Ways to Detox your Body, and the content seems pretty good. The 28 ways listed are;

  1. Replace a meal each day with a detoxifying smoothie
  2. Turn to organic foods when possible
  3. Get a good and intense massage
  4. Drink far more water
  5. Replace the morning coffee with green tea
  6. Get in more exercise and sweat it out
  7. Try acupuncture for a truly balanced body
  8. Eat more fiber in its most natural form
  9. Try fasting for a day or two
  10. Get in more sleep each night
  11. Avoid obvious environmental toxins
  12. Turn to probiotics to get rid of the bad bacteria and welcome in the good kind
  13. Try yoga for a new type of exercise and meditation
  14. Learn to incorporate superfoods into each meal
  15. Cut out simple carbohydrates, white sugar and flour, and any fried foods
  16. Learn to properly manage your stress
  17. Turn to home remedies for illness rather than antibiotics
  18. Adapt to a truly healthy lifestyle and try to eliminate daily medication wherever possible
  19. Increase circulation by massaging pressure points and skin brushing
  20. Promote elimination through proper diet and hydration
  21. Opt for a diet rich in whole foods that are free of additives and preservatives

I’m really glad to see a number of the points that have made this list. Generally seems to be a lot of good advice here. I’m going to spend more time exploring Bembu.

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