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All my ailments have gone!

ailments have given way to good health

All my ailments have gone!

I’ve been on a mostly raw food diet now for almost two years. I’ve lost 45 pounds over that time and I’m 80 pounds less than I was at my heaviest. I’ve also been using intermittent fasting for the past year.

The amazing thing is that I’m not sick any more and my ailments have gone!!

More than 2 years ago I had a lot of chronic problems that have basically disappeared.

Ailments that have disappeared

Migraines – I used to get about one severe migraine a month. I haven’t had one at all for two years. I used to carry a bottle of pain killers with me everywhere I went. It was common for me to get a migraine on a flight and I remember taking some pain killers almost every flight I took.

Sore Throats – I was the one always getting a sore throat, before anyone else. I carried Strepsil’s throat lozenges around everywhere I went. Now, I’ve only had one cold in the last two years and even that went away quite quickly.

Cholesterol – I used to take 10 mg of statins every day to keep my cholesterol down. I haven’t taken them for over a year and my cholesterol is normal.

Gastric Reflux – In the past I struggled with gastric reflux nearly every day – not a sign of it for the past two years

Pimples – I used to get annoying pimples every few weeks. Especially deep ones in my nose that made my nose go embarrassingly red. No sign of a pimple for two years.

Sweating – I was always the first person in a group or a meeting to start sweating if it was slightly hot. Now I seem to be the last. I often hear others mentioning how hot it is, or I notice them sweating, but I don’t feel hot at all.


There are some other things that have improved (but not resolved) in the past two years.
ailments and pain have disappeared

Ailments that have improved

Eyesight – my eyesight is definitely better than it was. I haven’t worn my glasses for about 18 months. One day I noticed the newspaper was blurry as I was trying to read it. I took my glasses off and it was easier to read. Today, my distance vision is still blurred, but it’s improving slowly.

Strength & Balance – my strength and balance on my legs (one at a time) has improved enormously. This is partly because of the yoga I’ve started in the last year.

Arthritis – I had pretty severe arthritis to the point that an orthopedic surgeon told me that I’d definitely need knee replacements in about 10 years (I was told that about 10 years ago). Today, I have very few problems with my arthritis. I still have a lot of stiffness, but it’s improving slowly, little by little.

Lower Back Pain – I fought lower back pain pretty much every month. Today, I have little twinges from time to time, but it’s so much better than it was a couple of years ago.

Mood – my mood had improved enormously. Generally I’m in a happy and positive mood but, from time to time, I can still quickly retreat into a black mood. This doesn’t really stay for long and is getting better and better each month.


And there are some things for which I’m waiting to see improvement.

Ailments yet to improve significantly

ailments have gone and I hope I won't get diabetesPosture – I’ve always (as far back as I can remember) had a somewhat poor posture. Slumping a bit in the shoulders. I’m still struggling with this. Trying to use yoga to help.

Hernia – the inguinal hernia that I got two and a half years ago is still there. The bulge hasn’t got any worse, but it’s not noticeably better either. My core strength is improving, so I expect to see improvement in the hernia this year.


I’m Amazed

Overall, I’m amazed with the range of health improvements my body has made over the last two years and none of it has been through any drugs. It’s clear personal proof that the quality and type of food that we eat has a direct and rapid positive effect on our health. The flip-side to this is that years of eating processed, cooked food with artificial chemicals was having a severely negative effect on my health.

It’s so clear now, just how important food and nutrition is. It’s not possible to look at food just as a taste sensation any more. I can’t decide on what to eat solely based on how it tastes. I have to consider how it’s going to nourish and provide what my body needs.

If everyone in the world could improve the quality of the food they eat, the world could be an amazing place!


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