Where do I start… avoiding diabetes?

Fotolia_44389531_XSThis is my first post and there are so many places I could start, but probably the best thing to do is to tell you about the movie I watched (sometime in 2011) called “Simply Raw : Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”.  This was a real eye-opener for me.  My father had developed type-2 diabetes in his forties and I was always concerned that I was at high risk of developing it as well.  That’s probably why I bought the film when I saw the title about reversing diabetes.

When my dad got diabetes, he changed his diet dramatically following a dietician’s advice and managed his condition purely with diet.  I guess that I’d been thinking “why wait until you get diabetes to change your diet, why not change now?”, but the change required was so big that I didn’t do anything really.

Well, when I saw “Simply Raw” I was amazed.  Six people with severe diabetes, all of them insulin dependent, were taken to a health farm somewhere and told that all they could eat for the next 30 days was raw food that would be prepared for them.  I could hardly believe how someone could only eat raw food.  That was a really difficult step for me to comprehend.  Anyway, they did, and all of them did not need insulin after only two weeks.  They all had normal blood sugar levels without insulin. That was like “WHAM”.  It struck me that not only can eating better help make you healthier, but what you eat can actually MAKE you sick!

That was it.  A seed was planted in my head.  The things that we put in our mouths can actually contribute to the illnesses and poor health that we have.  I didn’t see this link before.  I was believing that, if we got sick, we needed to get something from the doctor to fix it.  But actually the health of our bodies is primarily our responsibility and one of the main components is the food we put into our mouths.

This was just the beginning.  It started me off looking for all the information I could find along these lines.  I still wasn’t sure I could eat raw food.  That still seemed like a huge and highly radical step, but I wanted to learn more.

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