Wheelchair To Walking By Changing Diet

Wheelchair to walking by changing diet 1This video has just blown me away (I’m writing this in May 2016). It has reminded me of so much that I’ve learned over the past 3-4 years. Terry Wahls is a medical doctor who went from wheelchair to walking by changing her diet. Back in 2000 she developed multiple-sclerosis (MS). She was treated conventionally but just got worse and worse. By 2007, she couldn’t stand and could only sit in zero-gravity chairs. She was told nothing more could be done for her. Then she changed her diet, removed toxins, removed stress and changed her approach to exercise. Within 12 months she was walking and riding her bike again! Today she appears completely normal (better than normal even!).

This is inspirational and it’s coming from a medical doctor. Please watch this, for your own sake. If you decide to ignore it afterwards, that’s your call, but you deserve to hear this message (maybe there’s part of you that wants the rest of you to hear this message).

How I Went From Wheelchair To Walking By Changing My Diet – Dr. Terry Wahls

The original video I linked here has become unavailable – I’ve replaced it here – it’s exactly the same talk by Terry Wahls.

My Notes from “How I Went From Wheelchair To Walking By Changing My Diet”

  • “your genes aren’t your destiny”
  • Dr Terry Wahls is a faculty physician
  • In 2000, she was diagnosed with MS
  • She had 2 young children and was the main breadwinner for her family so she decided to treat the disease aggressively at the best MS centre she could find
  • However, in 3 years she had transitioned to secondary, progressive MS and she was told that, at this point, there are no more spontaneous remissions and functions lost are gone forever
  • She got a wheelchair, took chemotherapy and miracle drugs, but continued to decline
  • She started to investigate chronic diseases herself
  • She got into epigenetics – how the environment affects the expression of your DNA – the phenotype
  • Phenotype = the appearance and the performance of the body
  • Healthy phenotype is the “wild-type”
  • The environment can turn a healthy “wild-type” phenotype into an inflamed, sickly, disease prone one, without changing DNAWheelchair to walking by changing diet 2
  • She asked herself what environmental factors are under her control
  • Food
    • Needed for the correct chemistry of life – poor food is the foundation of chronic disease
    • In 1700 we ate less than 7 kg of sugar per year, by 2000 we’re eating 70 kg of sugar per year
    • All that sugar crowds out the good foods we need for the correct chemistry of life
    • Changes our phenotype and increases risk of high-blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart-disease, neurological problems, mental health problems, auto-immunity and cancer
    • Gluten often causes an abnormal reaction of immune cells – causing inflamation
  • Toxin level
    • Many toxins now found in umbilical cord blood of new babies and the breastmilk of mothers
    • Herbicides, pesticides, dioxins, plastics, solvents, heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, …)
  • Physical Activity Level
    • 10,000 years ago, women would walk 2-3 miles a day and men 6-9.
    • Today we sit and stand in one place all day and then, for leisure, we sit on our butt.
    • This is an environmental issue that helps change our phenotype
  • Stress
    • Stress hormones interrupt the normal functioning of the body
    • Stress is only meant to be short term
    • Long-term stress stops or bodies from functioning as they should and leads to a change in the phenotype
  • In 2007, she had had 6 years of slow steady decline
  • She couldn’t sit in a normal chair and could only walk short distances using two canes
  • Then she created a diet and lifestyle program to address food, toxins, physical activity and stress level
  • 31 key nutirents
  • 3 cups of leafy greens, 3 cups of deeply coloured vegetables (coloured all the way through), 3 cups of sulphur rich vegetables (cabbage family, onion family, mushroom family), grass-fed meats, wild fish and seaweed
  • Eliminate gluten containing grains
  • Eat only organic foods and use only organic personal care productsWheelchair to walking by changing diet 4
  • Used electric stimulation of muscles to improve her physical activity (difficult to do with advanced MS)
  • Added daily meditation to reduce stress
  • Within 3 months her fatigue was gone and was able to stop taking medication she’d been taking for 5 years
  • After 6 months she could walk throughout he hospital without a cane
  • After 9 months she rode her bike around the block for the first time in five years, and virtually medication free
  • At 12 months she did an 18 mile bicycle tour
  • In one year she’d gone from wheelchair to walking and pedalling her bike 18 miles
  • This transformed her as a person and as a physician
  • She began talking to her patients about quality of their food, toxin levels, physical activity and stress levels
  • Taught them to eat vegetable, leafy, coloured and sulphur rich, 9 cups a day
  • She saw symptoms reduce dramatically and almost immediately, even for severe autoimmune diseases
  • The biggest side-effect was, for those overweight, losing weight and returning to healthy bodyweight
  • Medications can be very useful, and she does use them, but they do not treat the root cause of why people get chronic disease, which is really diet and lifestyle choices
  • We could all herald in an epidemic of health. right now – every day we choose what we eat and what we do
  • “Everyday you choose what you eat and what you do. Now that you know, what choices will you make?”

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