Three Most Important Questions

three most important questionsWhen I first started to see Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley), I wasn’t so convinced by him. I didn’t like the way he talked. But, lately, I’ve started to realize that he does have something to offer. This short video I found of his, about the three most important questions to ask yourself, has helped clarify a few things for me.

I’ve always found identifying my “Life Purpose” to be a problem. It’s almost like I feel that my life purpose should be defined by others. How ridiculous! But it’s hard to shake. I remember when I read a book by Anne-Sophie Pau (in French, sorry) that she had a nice exercise to follow that asked some important questions, and now this video by Vishen has reminded me of the importance of spending time exploring my Life Purpose.

This is the sort of video that all young people should have the opportunity to watch. They might not get the message but, if some of them do, then that would be great. It certainly could have a profound impact on a young persons life, or anyone’s for that matter.

If you like this, then you’ll like the movie Finding Joe as well. What are you doing when time goes by really fast? Do more of that!

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