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The real nature of Nature

I’ve been enjoying the brilliant summer we’ve had in the UK and doing some work in the garden, and it has suddenly struck me that, right before my eyes, I see the evidence of the real nature of Nature. We can learn a lot from some simple observations.

the real nature of nature

Three wonderful tomato plants

Gifts from the garden

I’m not a experienced gardener as I’m only just learning and trying to do everything without pesticides or artificial fertilisers, but even I have been able to get things to grow. This year we’ve harvested cabbages, tomatoes and mint, and lots of them, just from a few plants. We’ve been making some lovely cabbage soups, making mint tea and we haven’t had to buy any tomatoes from the supermarket for a couple of months now.

This is what struck me one day when I was harvesting some tomatoes from my three tomato plants;

what did I do to deserve these tomatoes and what does Nature want in return?

That’s the sort of thing we often think about when it comes to our relationship with other people, but Nature isn’t like that. Nature just gives.

I didn’t have to do very much to get these tomatoes. A friend gave me three small plants and all I did was plant them in the soil. Sure, I had prepared a garden bed over the last couple of years and I’d put compost on it, but the compost came from grass and shredded plant material from around the garden anyway. When the plants were growing, I had to tie them to a stake to support them and water them. Watering them was probably the hardest thing I had to do, but even the water I was using was rainwater I’d captured in a tank.

Nature had given me everything I needed to look after the tomato plants.

the real nature of Nature

Refreshing mint water

Nature just gives without wanting anything back. In the end we had ample and were able to easily share with out neighbours. The real nature of Nature is giving and loving. Nature doesn’t think badly of us or hate us. Nature realises that we all need each other and cannot live apart.

The real nature of Nature

If the real nature of Nature is to be so loving, kind, generous, peaceful and unassuming, maybe that’s the way we should be too. We’re part of Nature after all. It must be natural for us too, if we don’t just confuse everything with all the other weird thoughts we come up with.

If we’re going to be like Nature, that means we’d just peacefully get on with what we do and we’d give all the time. We’d give without expecting anything from anyone. We’d just be confident that Nature overall will provide us with everything we need and be happy playing our part in the wider magnificence of everything.

The problem is that we think of ourselves as individuals, rather than as a part of a single Nature. None of us can survive without everything else. Our “Life” is represented by the collective life of Nature. We are all one.

Yet, as we think as individuals, we worry about another part of Nature taking advantage of us, stealing from us,  or having more than us, and then we act even more as individuals. It is these thoughts and actions that create the bulk of the problems we see in our world.

Nature tells us to be humble and happy. At the same time, we are not special and we’re the most important thing ever. Our part in Nature is wonderful and amazing, as we play our part in the mind-boggling life of Nature.

This is a good basis for some simple meditation.

Imagine how the world would change if we took notice of the real nature of Nature and we all gave all of the time. Peaceful, loving people that give (care, love, food, shelter, etc.) without requirement or recompense. Of course, there are some people who act like this already and, if more of us could do it, that would be a refreshing change and make all the difference in the world!

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