The Intention Experiment

The Intention ExperimentThe Intention Experiment – using your thoughts to change your life and the world

I enjoyed reading this book. The book contains quite a lot of analysis of scientific experiments that test the effect on conscious intention on the material world. One relevant quote comes from the preface;

The well-designed experiments conducted by these scientists suggested that consciousness is a substance outside the confines of our bodies – a highly ordered energy with the capacity to change physical matter.

This book won’t be for everyone but, if you’re interested, it’s a good read.

There are many very interesting experiments described in this book and I’m in the process of looking into them in more depth. I intend to make individual posts of any of these that seem to stand up to further investigation.

Contents – The Intention Experiment

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part I – The Science of Intention
    • Chapter 1 – Mutable Matter
    • Chapter 2 – The Human Antenna
    • Chapter 3 – The Two-Way Street
    • Chapter 4 – Hearts That Beat as One
  • Part II – Powering Up
    • Chapter 5 – Entering Hyperspace
    • Chapter 6 – In the Mood
    • Chapter 7 – The Right Time
    • Chapter 8 – The Right Place
  • Part III – The Power of Your Thoughts
    • Chapter 9 – Mental Blueprints
    • Chapter 10 – The Voodoo Effect
    • Chapter 11 – Praying for Yesterday
    • Chapter 12 – The Intention Experiment
  • Part IV – The Experiments
    • Chapter 13 – The Intention Exercises
    • Chapter 14 – Your Personal Intention Experiments
    • Chapter 15 – The Group Intention Experiments

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