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Raw food can cure!

simply raw dvdThis is a film that really shocked me when I first saw it. How could simply changing your diet cure the symptoms of diabetes? And in only 2 weeks? How could anyone live on just raw food? That couldn’t be possible could it? All of these questions came rushing into my mind. The slowly overwhelming realisation started to arise – could we be making ourselves sick just because of the the things we’re eating? It started to become apparent that this was actually true.

Everyone has to get a copy of this video and watch it. Whether it has the same effect on you as it had on me, nobody can tell. But you need to see this and decide for yourself.

After watching it, I didn’t decide to try eating raw straight away.  That was a step just a bit too radical. It had to wait a few months until after I read Paul Nison’s book that I decided to give mostly raw food a try. That was a good decision. I’m very glad I made that move. I think it was a key enabler for me to start pointing my life in the right direction.

This film had a profound effect on me

There are many comments in the film had a big effect on me. A couple of them are;

  • People use food to block emotions
  • One of the participants in the program said, after a few days of really struggling, “Now my mind is allowing my body to heal!”. What a revelation! The mind and the body work together.

 Other memorable moments of the film

  • Six people from all over America – four with Type 2 diabetes and two with Type 1 – are taken to Arizona for 30 days.
  • On day one they are asked to reduce their insulin intake by one third.
  • From day one they are fed a raw food diet. A diet that excludes anything heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, that excludes sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • By cooking food, you are removing 50% of its protein, 70-80% of its vitamins and minerals, and close to 100% of its phytonutrients.
  • “Eating God’s food. Natural, enzymatic food.”
  • “It’s important to keep taking baby steps.” Reduce the number of processed foods in your diet and increase the number of living foods.
  • By the end of week one, some participants had stopped taking insulin.
  • One participant had been taking 17 different pills and, by day 12, he was taking none.
  • “I don’t care for the food here but, hey, it’s working.”
  • “I don’t get this stuff,” says Michelle, 36, with Type 2 diabetes, as she walks through the fruit and vegetable aisles of a supermarket.
  • Austin, who has Type 1 diabetes, says that the food is wearing on him.
  • Two participants consider abandoning the program. The first is Michelle. Her progress throughout the program was the slowest and her struggle was the greatest. As her body detoxed, she suffered emotionally and, on day five, the other participants had to convince her not to quit the program and return home. By day seven she was convinced. A lump on her breast that had been there for years had disappeared. “This food is healing me from the inside out,” she said to her husband. “Wow! I feel amazing – like I could conquer the world – in fact, I am conquering the world!” By the end of the program, she reduces her sugar levels to 111 without insulin. “I was not a priority before but I am now.”
  • The second participant to consider abandoning the program is Austin. He has reduced his insulin level to 25% and doesn’t believe he could reduce it further to 0%. “I’d like to but every doctor I’ve ever had has said I’ll be on insulin for the rest of my life,” he says. On day 17, he hitchhikes to Mexico and returns five hours later. He’s consumed alcohol despite swearing not to upon joining the program. He reveals a pattern in his behaviour in which he feels he needs to put on a show for people. His coping mechanisms are being challenged and they hinder his progress. On day 30 he acknowledges that he had thought that all that mattered was his insulin level but that now he realises that knowing which food is good matters too. He’s thankful that he was able to participate and believes that he didn’t deserve to. This is an obvious change in his emotions and behaviour. “This is a potential cure for Type 1.”
  • One participant does abandon the program. He begins to feel run down and, by day 15, feels sick in the stomach. The body has to expel the toxins in order to heal. He considers quitting the program and returning home. “My brain just rejects the food,” he says, “I just can’t eat it.” On day 17, he quits the program and returns home despite the encouragement of his wife.
  • On day 30, all participants are overjoyed – they’ve lost 25-30 pounds on average, their sugar readings are down, their cholesterol is down, and their blood pressure is down.
  • 60 days after beginning the program, Kirt, who had Type 1 diabetes, begins to produce insulin and stops taking medication.
  • “If I tell a friend I’m on raw food and off insulin, I get a response like ‘you’d better be careful with that, you’d better see a doctor’. They don’t know about raw food and it scares them.”
  • “My God, you look like a different person! How do I ship all my patients to Arizona?” – one participant’s doctor during a visit after the program.
  • These participants always had the power to heal their bodies by eating a raw food diet just as Dorothy always had the power to return home by clicking her heels.

Simply Raw – Get a copy and watch this!

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Here’s the trailer for the movie;

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