Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?

SafariScreenSnapz019Lissa Rankin is a medical doctor who wrote the book “Mind Over Medicine : scientific proof you can heal yourself“. It’s interesting to hear her talk here. Most of what she’s saying is the same as what she’s written in the book. So, if you haven’t read the book, this is like an 18 minute summary of the book.

At one point she says that a key part of the placebo effect is the presence of a caring doctor. I agree this would certainly help, but it’s also possible for us to play that role of a “caring doctor” for ourselves.

She makes two quotes I’d like to record here;

“…in essence, we need a healthy mind.”

“I believe miracles can happen.”
(she says this right at the end – remember, Lissa is a M.D. – I don’t hear that often from M.D.’s but it’s becoming more common)

When she talks about her “inner pilot light” it makes me think of the concept of a soul.

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