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Righteously Raw Chocolate

Righteously Raw Chocolates - 90% cacao with goji berriesRighteously Raw Chocolate

In Calgary, Canada, in December 2013 and found myself looking around a store called Vitamin Farm, and happened to find a chocolate bar that was labelled as 90% cacao with goji berries. Sounded perfect to me, so I bought it. Actually, it was gorgeous. It was only then that I noticed it was made by “Righteously Raw”. I had to look into this company more (and I had to go back and buy a few more bars the next day).

When I looked at their website and checked out their “About Us” page, I was pleasantly surprised. Here are some of the comments that impressed me;

Righteously Raw Chocolates are made with love, positive energy and human hands in our own facility. The parent company behind Righteously Raw Chocolates is Earth Source Organics.

High frequency food, also known as high vibration foods, are naturally sourced foods – unblemished by processing and chemicals. They are ingredients from the earth as presented to us naturally.

Earth Source Organics is one woman’s mission to help heal the world, connect everyone in spirit and raise the vibrations of those who eat her foods so that they might go on to heal others.

I can’t help but want to support companies like these. It feels good to know that their primary motivation is not to make maximum profits off us.

However, since these chocolates are so delicious, I’ll find it very easy to support Righteously Raw.

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