Revealing the Physical Changes

revealing the physical changes imageThis is a short book “Revealing the Physical Changes” is by a young lady who went from being very obese to an ideal weight, mostly through a raw food diet. The book is nicely written, easy to read, informative and carrying a sense of honesty and compassion. I liked it when I read it some time ago and I’d like to read it again.

This is the sort of book that I think any young lady or teenager who’s struggling with her weight should read.

It’s actually good for anybody, but would have maximum impact on young ladies. My wife has just read the book and she said that she liked it also.

I received this book as a free download when I purchased something from the Raw For 30 people. With a bit of a search on the internet, I found that you can buy a copy of the e-book here –

The chapters in the book are as follows;

  • Introduction
  • What is There to Lose?
    • Defining Overweight and Obesity
    • Morbid Obesity
    • The Consequences of Obesity
    • Measuring Obesity: BMI
    • Calculating Your Own BMI
    • What Does Body Fat Do?
    • Body Fat in Morbid Obesity
    • Coming out of Isolation
  • Creating a Raw Body
    • What are the main changes you can expect?
    • Raw Healing
    • Starting the Detox
    • Choosing a Lifestyle: No More Yo-Yos
    • 100% Raw: the Ultimate or the Extreme?
    • The Role of the Colon
  • Top 10 Tips:
    • Top 10 General Tips for Physical Recovery
    • Top 10 Recovery tips for Overeaters
    • Top 10 Tips for Detox Symptoms
  • New Challenges
    • Common Issues
      • Candida
      • Vitamin B12 Deficiency
      • Digestive Complaints
    • The Weight Loss Factor
      • Saggy Skin – Natural Remedies
      • Exercise
      • Colonic Therapy/Cleansing
      • If all else fails
  • General Body Care Tips
    • Medicine
    • Women’s Issues
    • Skin Care
    • Top Ten Tips for Hypothyroidism
    • Is Your Thyroid Underactive?
  • Physical Recovery Checklist
  • Afterword
  • Appendices:
    • Appendix 1: ‘Ideal Weight’ Chart
    • Appendix 2: Making your own Rejuvelac
  • Resources:
    • Recommended Reading
    • Useful Websites
    • Thyroid Sites
    • Products

Plenty of good information delivered in a personal and honest way.

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