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Power of Subconscious Mind

Power of Subconscious Mind - Gregg BradenPower of Subconscious Mind

By Gregg Braden

You can watch the video at the bottom of the text below. I don’t like the “Shocking! Must Watch!” banner, but I can’t find another version on YouTube.

I found this video very interesting, even though my first reaction was that it feels a bit glossy and shallow. There are some interesting concepts raised that are worthy of more investigation. There’s not enough in this video to convince me completely, but enough to get me interested.

Some examples of interesting things from the video;

  • Gregg claims that most of what he’s learnt has come from ancient civilizations that he’s visited
  • about 7-8 mins in – three practitioners create the feeling in their bodies that a sick woman with a tumor is perfectly healthy and whole. Then the woman’s body mirrors that feeling and they can see the tumor disappear within three minutes.
  • “our physical body is the mirror of something that is not so physical”
  • the three practitioners recognized the tumor as one quantum possibility, but decided to choose another one
  • “thought is the image of the quantum possibility”
  • he runs through an interesting view on the law of attraction (although he never mentions the law of attraction)
  • there are three separate experiences we all have in our bodies – thought, feeling and emotion
  • we can think about something and picture in our mind
  • but we have to breath the power emotion into it to invite it into our lives
  • emotion comes from the lower chakras around our gut
  • the thought and the emotion meet in our heart which creates the “feeling”
  • the heart is creating electromagnetic waves which are influencing the world around us
  • there are only two primitive emotions – love and whatever we think the opposite of love is
  • the same thought with a different emotion leads to different feelings and results
  • affirmations (or prayers) are words to help us create the feeling and it’s the feeling that changes things (not the words)
  • compassion is what holds the universe together
  • we have to be specific about what we want (through having the right feeling) in order to correctly select the right quantum possibility

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