PhytoQuant – natural supplements

PhytoQuant - a French natural supplement companyPhytoQuant – natural supplements

This is a French website that I was put onto by my holistic dentist. He recommended two products for helping to eliminate mercury in my system after he removed my amalgam fillings. The products were;

  • QuantaDpur
    • Ingredients – Extract of the roots of dandelion, burdock, radish, extract of the leaves of rosemary, orthosiphon and essential oil of rosemary.
    • Recommended dose – 1 capsule morning and night 10 minutes before eating (for one month)
  • QuantaKel
    • Ingredients – Chlorophyll, graines of fenugreek, extract of spirulina, acacia fibres, extract of nori, sea beans, sea lettuce, laminar, wrack, leaves of stinging nettle, extract of brewing yeast.
    • Recommended dose – Initial Phase – 1 capsule 10 minutes before eating, three times a day (for one month)
    • Recommended dose – Second Phase – 2 capsules in the middle of the afternoon, or before going to bed (for 2.5 months)

I’ve only just ordered these (November 2013) and I’ll update this page later after I’d had some experience with the company and the products.

PhytoQuant Philosophy

Here’s their philosophy from their website (in French);

PhytoQuant place son éthique au sommet de ses priorités et élabore des formules toujours marquées par ses valeurs de qualité, de transparence et de convivialité… 
Qualité, dans la recherche et le choix des végétaux utilisés, dans l’élaboration de produits efficaces et parfaitement assimilés, dans le contrôle et le suivi de fabrication, dans la relation avec les clients.
Transparence, sur les formulations, le processus de fabrication, la logistique.
Convivialité, au sein de l’équipe, avec les chercheurs, les partenaires et les clients.

Here’s a rough translation;

PhytoQuant puts ethics at the top of their priorities and clearly labels the ingredients of their formulae always renowned for their values of quality, transparency and friendliness.
Quality –  in the search and choice of vegetables used, in the explanation of the powerful products that are easily assimilated, in the care taken during manufacture, in relationships with clients.
Transparency – of the formulations, the manufacturing process, the logistics.
Friendliness – within the team, with the researchers, partners and clients.

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