On Earth as it is in Heaven

On Earth as it is in Heaven

[This is simply a hypothetical story useful for stimulating thought – the phrase “on Earth as it in in Heaven” is one that I heard many times as a child from the Christian Bible & The Lord’s Prayer – this┬áhypothetical story puts another slant on it]

Life in heaven is quite different to anything we’ve experienced. Maybe that’s a huge understatement. For starters, life in heaven is eternal so there are no worries about time or about dying. Imagine that, no time issues to worry about and no fear of death. Even that is hard for us to imagine.

In heaven there is a constant state of joy. Joy that never ends. Joy that doesn’t need a reason. Joy that exists simply through the state of being. Rather beautiful really but, again, rather hard to comprehend from our viewpoint.

In heaven there is a constant state of love. No part of heaven thinks badly about any other part. All of heaven acknowledges the perfection of itself while, at the same time, knowing that it can evolve and wishing that all parts of itself evolve in ways that it desires.

In heaven there is complete freedom. There are no constraints, no limitations. All parts of heaven are free to do exactly as they wish.

On earth as it is in Heaven

We have been in heaven before. We come from heaven. Why is our life here on Earth so different to the life we had in heaven and why have we forgotten about heaven? This must be by design.

Imagine the perfect life in heaven as described above. No worries about time, no fears of death or failure, constant joy and complete freedom. Yet there is still a desire to evolve. How can heaven evolve? It sounds perfect as it is.

Heaven sounds perfect but, if I can be a little bold, it sounds a bit boring as well. No time issues, only joy, constant love, complete freedom. Would get a bit boring, wouldn’t it? If this is what it was like from the very beginning, how would heaven even know something like how it feels to be disappointed not to get something that one had been longing for? How would heaven know the pain of losing a loved one?

In order to truly experience disappointment, pain and anguish, heaven had to create the situation for these to exist. Enter Earth. Without Earth, heaven would know, conceptually, about these things but it wouldn’t have any way to experience what these things feel like. Further, to really feel the true feelings, heaven would have to believe that they are real while experiencing them.

For example, consider the pain one feels when we do not receive returned affection from someone to whom we are attracted. If heaven knew that this was just a created experience and fully knew the truth that heaven was love and was unconditionally love eternally, then it could not experience the true feelings of the unreturned love. The experience would have to include the lie that love can be taken away and that it is possible to be lonely and scorned.

“The experience would have to include the lie that love can be taken away and that it is possible to be lonely and scorned.”

So the Earth experience is a rather harsh one for heaven, but it is what heaven has decided to create for itself. It is a mechanism created by heaven through which heaven can experience more of itself and therefore evolve further.

Imagine that. You are a part of heaven going through a created set of experiences. You’ve chosen to forget who you really are so that you can gather the true feelings and the true experiences. You’re doing this right now. The precise experiences you’re having now have never been experienced by heaven so far. Yours are important experiences for the evolution of heaven.

But there is an even greater experience that is about to come. You are like a child that has been banished from heaven at a young age and hence has no memories of heaven. You think you are just this identity you have on Earth. But you are about to begin remembering. About to realise the awe and majesty of your true self. This is an experience to truly behold.

No wonder heaven created Earth and the possibility for “not love” to exist (at least as an illusion!). Now, everything is exciting and wonderful and heaven is enjoying its evolution. Our job is to enjoy every experience presented to us and to begin to remember where we have come from and what it is like in heaven. I can only imagine that this will be the most amazing rediscovery.

As we remember our true origins, life on Earth will become more and more as it is in heaven.

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