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This post is simply a thought experiment. It’s just a theory. I find it interesting to pose theories and consider if they could be true and if there’s any way to possibly disprove them. I feel like I’m taking quite a bit of risk putting this out there. Anyway, here goes!

Nature wants to communicate with us

Nature ChannelIf you have already read my earlier post – Original Knowledge – where does it come from? – you will have seen my argument that the only thing we can really learn from is nature (and, of course, we have to include ourselves as part of nature). Books, teachers, and the like, are just ways of passing on knowledge that other people have learnt from nature. This really is quite obvious if you consider the earliest humans who would only have had themselves and nature. Nothing else. They had to learn things (from nature) before they could start writing the first books.

Imagine those first humans again. Born into the world. Born into nature. Just nature and the early humans. At some level, it’s easy to accept that nature wants to communicate with us and teach us. When we’re born, we don’t know very much at all. If it stayed that way, what’s the point of life? Obviously we’re designed to learn as we grow. And nature is right there to teach us, to communicate with us.

Our bodies are like antennae

Nature Channel - we're born with the ability to tune inThinking in this way, of the early humans with only themselves and nature and nature wanting to communicate and teach, it becomes easy to have the imagery that our bodies are like antennae. Some sort of special antennae that are designed to listen to nature and understand its messages. Just like it wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t have the capacity to learn, it wouldn’t make sense if we weren’t designed to be able to listen to nature.

The Nature Channel

So we could say there is a continuous transmission of “The Nature Channel” and that our bodies are perfect antennae (or satellite dishes) for picking up this channel and we’ve been given a free, lifelong subscription. You have to assume that we were born with perfect reception and every opportunity to observe and learn the messages of nature.

Reception problems

Even though we have the perfect equipment (our mind and bodies) for listening to the Nature Channel, the average adult human today does not, or cannot, tune in to the channel and learn. Why is that? Maybe it’s due to;

  • Distraction – people prefer to tune into other channels for entertainment
  • The condition of the body (antenna) has deteriorated due to;
    • poor diet
    • an overload of toxins
    • recreational drugs
    • lack of suitable exercise
  • A misalignment of the antenna due to negative, limiting beliefs

Nature Channel  - need to work at keeping tuned inWhatever the reason, it’s clear that modern society has led to a situation where almost all adults have poor, or non-existent, reception of the Nature Channel.

How can we improve reception?

People often talk about “finding ourselves” or “getting in touch with our real selves”. This is really just talking about improving our reception and getting in-tune with nature again. I say “again” here because we had perfect reception when we were born (why wouldn’t we?) and somehow we’ve lost that during life. There’s a natural pull for us to try and get the reception back and it feels really good when we start seeing the Nature Channel more clearly again.

For most of us, if we select the Nature Channel, all we see is fuzz or very blurry images. We quickly choose another channel (maybe the channel of how to acquire more things). What are the types of things we can do to improve our reception of the Nature Channel? I think it’s clear that the following things can help with the reception;

  • eating better – especially nature’s perfect raw, whole foods
  • reducing toxic load
  • keeping the body in good condition – mind and body together – maybe through yoga
  • meditation
  • mindfulness
  • deep contemplation
  • being “in the present”

When we eat badly and/or have lots of toxins in our system, our bodies are fully occupied with dealing with all the bad things in our blood and cells plus the lack of nutrients. It’s no wonder that the reception of the Nature Channel becomes poor. When we stress, or have anxiety, over something in the future or the past, we’re effectively switching off the nature channel and looking at another channel. After a while, we forget the Nature Channel is even there. Mindfulness and meditation are clearly ways to get us ready to tune into the Nature Channel again.  The terms “being in the present” and “living in the moment” could really just be ways of saying that people are watching the Nature Channel.

Some people have very good reception

For most of us, we have poor of nonexistent reception of the Nature Channel, and we might have even forgotten that it exists. We had all tuned into it when we were babies, but somehow we’ve lost the ability and forgotten about it. But, luckily, there are many people around the world who still have very good reception, or have regained good reception. Often these people are considered wise or luminaries. When they tell us what they are seeing on the Nature Channel, there is a clear truth to it, we like it, it feels right and it pleases us, satisfies us and excites us. Our minds and bodies are remembering the truths available on the Nature Channel from the time when we could tune-in to it and the words of these “luminaries” ring true.

It’s rare for people to keep a good reception throughout there lives (could someone like the Dalai Lama be an example of one of these rare people?). Most people lose the reception at some point because they get tempted by other things. Sometimes people get the reception back almost instantly with some sort of rapid readjustment of their antenna (like happened with Eckhart Tolle) , but most of the time it’s a long journey where people have to work on improving their antenna little by little over time.

Nature Channel - life beacons are there to help usLife Beacons

Luckily, even if our antennae are not working too well, we have the opportunity to listen to the people who have good reception. These people can see clearly what nature is communicating and they can describe it to us. Sometimes it might sound strange because we can’t see it for ourselves, but often it really rings true and we just know it’s right.

I like to call these people with good reception “Life Beacons” because they are in touch with what nature is trying to say to us and teach us and they are good people to follow, leading us in the right direction. At the same time, we can work on improving our own reception, but we’re lucky that there are people with a clear picture who are willing to share what they see.

As I said at the start, this concept is just a thought experiment and a theory. However, I find it useful as it prompts me to find and listen to Life Beacon’s while working on improving the state of my mind and body so I can get more in-tune with nature.


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