A Meditation Technique That Works For Me

Meditation - corpse positionMeditation

I’m fairly new to meditation and I’ve been learning from several books that I’ve been reading recently and from some meditation audio tracks. I’m surprised how easy it can be. I thought it was something that was going to be really difficult, but it can be as easy as just following your breath. I’ve learnt that meditation is really about focusing the conscious mind and just concentrating on what your breath is doing is a good way to start meditating (see this post for a link to a meditation track that focuses on following the breath).

My Adaptation of Meditation

But here, I want to talk about a way that I’ve found useful for meditation. This started from something that Bruce Lipton said in this post. He mentioned how we could consider ourselves like iron filings that exist within a magnetic field. We can see this field, but there is something that’s acting on us and is the reason we have the form that we have. He mentioned how we can’t really consider ourselves without the effect of the field.

This got my imagination running. It made me feel like that I’m often trying to push my “iron filing” in a direction that doesn’t conform with the field and that this is the main source of stress in my life. If I could allow my “iron filing” to naturally align with the field, I’d have less stress.

My Meditation

MeditationSo, I lie on my back. Relaxed. Legs slightly spread apart, arms by my side but slightly angled away from my side. Main thing is to be balanced, aligned and relaxed. I start to imagine that there is a field out there that’s having an influence on my body. Then I decide to release my mind to find alignment with the field – like allowing a compass needle to align with magnetic north. When I can do this well, there’s an immediate feeling of reduced tension. Profound and immediate. I feel like I don’t have to worry, I just have to allow my mind to align with the field.

Next, I do the same thing with other parts of my body. My intestines. My upper-back. My legs. My arms. If I do it well, I get a strange tingling sensation and a feeling of “waves” all over my body. I almost feel like I’m floating. Floating on the field. I find this feeling amazing and powerful. Then I try and keep my concentration so I can keep the feeling as long as possible. The main thought in my mind is that my body has found the field that’s effecting it and that I’ve just released my whole body to align with that in the way that it was designed and that it should be.

I’m just letting my body go to align with the field. I assume the field knows how to manage my body and I put my full trust in it.

This certainly makes me feel good and I try do it every day for as long as possible.

Apology to others who have done this before

It’s quite possible that others have come up with this same meditation before me and I’m not aware of it. I apologise for not crediting them here. It’s also possible that what I’m doing here is very similar to meditations that concentrate on relaxing all of the muscles. Again I apologise. All I’m noting here is that this way of meditating works well for me and it may be useful for others.

Meditation is a great way to begin to take control of your life. It can bring your conscious focus onto any problem you have or onto your desired vision of the future. It’s much more powerful than I would have imagined a couple of years ago. It should be in the toolkit of life for everyone.

Best of luck meditating!

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