Love Yourself and Find Your One Thing

This is the first time I’m come across Kamal Ravikant and I found this talk rather inspirational. It ties together a number of things I’ve been observing lately and it reinforces them well. One thing that comes through strongly is the link to the messages in the Finding Joe movie.

It’s well worth 20 minutes to listen to what Kamal says here. Some of the key messages I captured are;

  • Life for me, not life to me
  • Is this heaven?
  • Love yourself like your life depends on it
  • Find your “one thing” and just go full into it
  • The magic exists beyond those scary moments that make you really nervous
  • We are the effort, we aren’t the outcome

As I’ve already said, this talk really links well with many of the concepts in the Finding Joe movie (I can’t recommend watching this movie enough). It also links up with messages coming from the “Law of Attraction” people and a book I’m reading now by Simran Singh.

I know many people feel a bit uneasy with the concept of loving yourself, but why wouldn’t we love ourselves? The alternative is not a very good choice.

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