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Found this magazine by chance on a checkout display in a Whole Foods supermarket in Houston. I liked the look of it and the articles listed on the cover so I bought it. The first article I read was called “Natural Posture” by Kathleen Porter. This was very well written and presented. I really appreciated this article. In the article she made a quote that I had to note down on my quotes page.

From the website, I can’t get a feel for how long the magazine has been in production, but the website is nicely organized with lots of featured articles and plenty of options for buying the magazine. I’m going to try the Kindle option and see how that works. The image I pasted above is the cover page of the latest edition on the website, but it’s not the one I bought which has a main title of “Epic Love!” – the Winter 2014 edition. I can’t see this edition anywhere on their website. It’s a little strange that they aren’t showing the latest edition on the website when I bought it in a shop.

In this Winter 2014 edition, some of the articles that interest me are;

  • Overcoming Addiction (to drugs, Alcohol, Food and More)
  • The Real Antidote to Stress
  • Dissolve Your Emotional Clutter
  • Receive Everything You Desire

In the article I mentioned at the beginning – Natural Posture – Kathleen Porter describes how posture is a reflection of our emotions. When we are babies we have perfect natural posture, but as our mind becomes cluttered with other “unnatural” thoughts, these internal struggles reflect in our posture. She chronicles her journey through decades of bad posture and back to perfect natural posture (she’s now 63) which required significant effort in meditation. I really enjoyed the article and will consider getting her book.

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