I Am Ugly (an impactful video)

I Am Ugly

“I Am Ugly” is a very short video (only one and a half minutes) from RCLBeauty101 that holds a very strong message.

Please watch the video here before I make any more comments. The full transcript is at the bottom of this page too.

Doesn’t it just bring it home clearly that we say negative things to ourselves that we wouldn’t say to anybody else or even our younger selves. We are often our own very worst critics and this is the source of most of the problems in our lives. We are being completely unfair to ourselves and there’s no need to be this way. It’s better to look on ourselves with the gentle love we’d offer any small child in front of us. We’re worth it.

Using the term “ugly” is a very harsh self criticism and such a simple thought (“I am ugly”) is so widely damaging to our lives. And it’s such a relative term – “ugly” compared to what? All of us are beautiful. Some may compare more closely to the imaginary standards that are propagated in society, but that doesn’t make those people any more beautiful than anybody else. We are all beautiful precisely because of what we are.

Full Transcript – I am Ugly

My dark circles are literally too dark to put concealer on.
My lips are literally so small.
And my nose is so big.
And my eyebrows are so bushy.
What else is wrong with you, Rachel?
I’m you when you were little.
You said my dark circles were too dark, my nose was too big, my lips were too small, and my eyebrows were too bushy. What else is wrong with me, Rachel?
There’s nothing wrong with you.
No, go ahead, Rachel. Tell me everything you hate about me.
No, I’m not going to do that.
That’s exactly what you’re doing to yourself right now. Tell me my stretch marks are ugly!
No, I can’t.
What do you think about the scar near my eye? What do you think about my hairy arms? Or my ugly feet?
They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
Then why can’t you say that to yourself?

“If you wouldn’t say it to yourself when you were little, then why would you say it to yourself now”

4 Responses to “I Am Ugly (an impactful video)”

  1. Rani

    Hi Peter certainly agree with you. Any form of comparison and dualistic judgmental thinking is destructive and contrary to our true nature and a sense of freedom and happiness. Silencing our internal critic and practicing loving kindness is challenging when for years we have been socialized into judging ourselves so harsh by for the most part well intentioned people. Letting go of all of that pain takes time support and encouragement. May everyone hear your message of the importance of giving oneself the care that each of us deserves. Be well. Rani

    • Peter

      Thanks for adding these beautiful words Rani. You would think that letting go of pain would be an easy thing to do (who wants pain?) but, you’re right, it’s not easy. Somehow we identify with pain and believe we can’t avoid it. And anything we “believe” in becomes very powerful indeed. Time to change our beliefs.

  2. Mal Cooper

    I so thank you Peter for your clear and profound insight into life’s importances that are available to us all. I look forward to your emails and thank you.
    If each of us would just stop, stop and look and see all the beauty available in so many forms that cross our paths for the taking. In our hurry “to get there” we miss out on all the good stuff in the middle.

    • Peter

      Thank you Mal. I agree with you, if we can truly see all of the beautiful things in our lives right now, and be grateful for them, we’d be a lot better off in general.

      I appreciate you reading my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I get a lot from the comments. Thanks.


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