From Nothing to Everything

Here’s a simple question – where is everything? It’s easy to say that this is here and that’s there but, if we take everything that exists in the universe as a collective group of things, then where is it? This is a much deeper question that it seems. All the things in the universe are housed in space, or what we could say is nothing. Without the “nothing”, all the things in the universe could not exist because they couldn’t “be” anywhere.

Isn’t that amazing? We could easily say that the most important thing there is is “nothing”.

from nothing to everything

Here’s an amazing quote from Eckhart Tolle;

“I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am Life. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness. I am the Now. I Am.”

I love the line “I am the space in which all things happen”.

Before anything exists there must be space or “nothing”. From this “nothing” derives everything, and so is fundamental to everything we see.

Before anything exists, there must be pure nothingness. Why do I say “pure”? Well, if it wasn’t pure, if it wasn’t completely quiet, completely peaceful and wholly just a oneness of nothing, then it would have something in it. To be really “nothing”, it must be completely pure nothingness.

We are seeing space, or this “nothing”, from our frame of reference which is a world of things. We couldn’t have any of these things if there wasn’t space around them. Because the “nothing” is not a thing (it’s no-thing), we think it’s not important because we place importance only on things. This is where we might be lost. Maybe the things are not important and it’s the space, the nothingness, that’s really important.

Our deepest desires in life (the real desires) are peace, love and joy. Most of us learn though life that peace, love and joy cannot be obtained through things. Interesting isn’t it? So where can we look for these things? Many people say that peace, love and joy can be found in our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our frame of mind, etc. But all of these things are intangible – we can’t identify them as worldly “things” – we can’t point them out or store them in a box.

Maybe all our thoughts, feelings and emotions are part of the space or “nothing” (at least what appears as nothing to us dwellers in the world of things). This might be where all the really important stuff is going on. Pure peace, pure oneness or love and the pure joy of knowing everything is ok. The place which holds all our real power – power to think, feel, dream, create – our power to be conscious and aware.

from nothing to everything

It’s quite possible that what we’re searching for in life is all around us, and inside us, sort of hiding in plain sight. It’s what we see (and ignore) as space.

Isn’t that amazing? “Nothing” is the amazing thing!

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