Food Matters

Food Matters

A film made by James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch.

This is a great film that my daughter put me onto a few years ago (it’s early 2014 now). It really opened my eye to many things. For anybody wondering about health, I’d recommend this as one of the first two movies to watch, the other one is Simply Raw.

The film includes interviews with Dr. Andrew Saul, Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Dan Rogers, David Wolfe, Prof. Ian Brighthope, Jerome Burne, Phillip Day and Dr. Victor Zeines.

Here are some of my notes from the film;

  • Paul Kouchakoff in the 1930’s fund that if more than 51% of food is cooked, the bodies immune system is activated by a false alarm
  • David Woolf says 50% of protein is destroyed by cooking
  • Spirulina is the highest protein source in the world, easily digested, soluble, whereas steak is extremely hard to digest
  • Raw cacao beans are a superfood, high in vitamin C but heating to make chocolate destroys it
  • Dr Ian Brighthope says that if we have one day deficient in nutrition we never ever correct for the deficiency
  • Andrew Saul says we are lucky to have vitamin supplements – can be used to prevent and treat illnesses – only 10 people have possibly died from supplements in the last 23 years
  • 26% of people leave hospital more malnourished than when they went in
  • Linus Pauling suggested vitamin C could be useful against the common cold, but he was criticized by the medical profession
  • Saul says vitamins are good at too many things, but this is because the deficiency of one vitamin can cause so many illnesses – there are only about 2 dozen nutrients but thousands of chemical reactions in the human body so each nutrient is used in many, many ways
  • Charlotte Gerson – you can’t heal selectively – activate the bodies healing mechanism and everything heals
  • Standard studies only use lose doses of vitamins – the recommended daily allowance is the bare minimum to avoid major problems like scurvy (yet we still have problems with scurvy)
  • Adrenalin breaks down vitamin C – one of the reasons why stress is bad for our health
  • Medicine just treats disease – all they do is treat symptoms
  • Cardiovascular disease is a disease of civilization but it is reversible
  • Dr Dean Ornish showed that using plant based organic diets plus stress reduction arrests or reverses cardiovascular disease without surgery
  • Bypass surgery can be avoided completely by meditation and vegetarian diet but there’s no profit in it!
  • Jerome Burne – adverse drug reaction in UK cause about 10,000 deaths per year – motor car accidents 3500 – prostate cancer 9000
  • 106,000 Americans die per year from normally expected side-effects of prescribed and properly taken medical drugs
  • When in doubt, try nutrition first
  • Regulatory bodies are funded by the drug companies
  • Thousands of papers show that high doses of nutrients help disease but many of these not indexed by the medical industry
  • Drugs need to be more successful than a placebo in 2 trials to get approval – they don’t have to publish failed tests – tests are done on hundreds or low thousands but when approved are given to many millions and the dangerous side-effects start to show up
  • Dr Abram Hoffer – used niacin to help with alcoholism
  • “Prozac R” in it’s patent application claimed that it will not cause anxiety, insomnia, suicidal thoughts and self mutilation that “Prozac” (it’s predecessor with an expired patent) did, but they denied these problems with Prozac while the patent was enforceable
  • Saul talked about a depressed woman – when given 11500 mg (often 3000 mg is enough) of niacin a day she was happy and normal – her psychiatrist said she stop this – she reverted to being severely depressed
  • Two handfuls of cashews are equivalent to a dose of Prozac
  • we have 5000 times more lead in our bones than Egyptians – also have DDT in our fat
  • All drugs are toxic bar none.
  • Dr Victor Zeines – mercury fillings are poisoning us
  • When you stop pushing toxins into the system, they start to come out
  • Colonics, enemas help more things out
  • Simplest start to detox is to drink lots of water on rising – 1 or 2 litres before anything else
  • Cancer industry continues to view the tumor as the cancer, but cutting them out doesn’t stop cancer
  • Gerson therapy (vitamins and organic foods) has very high success rates with terminally ill cancer patients – there are some great examples of tumor reversals in the film
  • Prof John Beard in 1904, proved that cancer is a healing process gone wrong
  • In 1972 Nixon declared war on cancer in 1996 (25 years later) the US spending on cancer research had risen to 39 billion dollars but more than double the people died from cancer than in 1972
  • Nutritional therapy for cancer is illegal in most countries
  • Intravenous vitamin C (up to 100000 mg per day or more) selectively kills cancer cells with no side effects

I can’t recommend watching this movie enough.

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