Emoto’s rice experiment

Dr. Emoto's rice experimentWhen I watched the documentary called “Water“, I saw many things that were hard to believe. Yet, little by little, I’m finding more and more information that suggests that these things are quite possibly true (like this strange rice experiment here). It seems that the more you look, the more the world proves to be a much stranger place than we are led to believe.

In one part of the Water documentary, they discussed an experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, where rice was put in three beakers with some water. Then, every day for a month he said “Thank You” to one beaker, ¬†“You’re an idiot!” to the next and completely ignored the third. After 30 days, the “thank you” beaker was fermenting and giving off a nice odor, the “idiot” beaker had turned black and the ignored beaker had started to rot.

It sounds impossible that simple words, feelings or intentions could have an effect on beakers of rice, but this appears to have been replicated often by independent people. It’s such a simple experiment, I’m going to have to try it for myself.

Here’s the excerpt from the Water documentary.

Dr.¬†Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment

I love the way Dr. Emoto says we can learn from this experiment about how we should handle children. He says “indifference does the greatest harm“.

Now, here’s another completely independent experiment inspired by Dr. Emoto.

Rice Consciousness experiment – from John Vincent

Here, John Vincent is amazed by “the impact of consciousness on reality“. But, actually, we shouldn’t be so amazed. Remember the double-slit experiment in physics? That proved to normally accepted physicists (not any sort of “alternative” scientist) that consciousness has a direct and measurable impact on reality. It’s just that we tend to ignore this fact because it’s hard to deal with.

I like John’s comment – “If this is what happens to rice, what happens to you?“. That’s reminiscent of Dr. Emoto’s remark about children. If bad words or feelings can turn rice black, what can they do to us or our children?

Where to from here?

Well, this simple rice experiment seems to open up the possibilities in this world in surprising ways. The world doesn’t appear to be the predictable, mechanical place we’re generally taught about in school. There’s a lot more going on. If this is true, it’s easy to imagine how words and feelings could directly assist healing, for example. I’m enjoying digging into all of this and seeing where it leads.

For one thing, I’m going try this experiment for myself when I get back from my next business trip.

Do any of you have experience with something like this? Do you think it’s rubbish? Could it be real?

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