Don’t count calories, nourish your body!

Don't count calories, nourish your body!Don’t count calories, nourish your body!

Recently I came across this quote from the Food Matters people in a Facebook post;

Nutrition is not low-fat. It’s not low-calorie. It’s not being hungry and feeling deprived. It’s nourishing your body with real, whole foods so that you are consistently satisfied and energized to live life to the fullest. After all, isn’t that what this life is about?

and it really reminded me of how important nutrition is to me and why I generally don’t like “diets”.

Our natural state 

Our natural state is to be healthy. I can’t imagine that anything else was intended for us. Imagine that we were human beings born into the pristine world, all the real whole foods are there for us. There’s no pollution and no artificial toxins. This must be the best possible situation for our bodies. No artificial toxins and real, whole foods from nature must be the recipe for optimum health and vitality.

It seems clear that our natural state is to be completely energized by the nutrients in real, whole foods so that we would be living vitalized, healthy and vibrant lives.

What’s our state today?

Hmm. How to answer this question. Well, take a look at how many illnesses and complaints we have today to which we are accustomed (and it’s really sad that we are accustomed to them). Look at how many pills and medications we need to support our lives. Look at how the incidence of these illnesses and complaints are on the rise and we’re in search of more and more pills and medications every day.

It’s obvious that we are far from our natural state. Our bodies are not able to operate as they were designed. They don’t have enough nutrients and they are bombarded with too many toxins.

fresh fruits and vegetablesForget about diets and calories

Don’t be fooled into thinking that health and happiness is hidden just behind a new diet or a new exercise program. The two fundamental health problems we have today are low daily nutrient intake and high toxin intake. Just reducing calorie intake does nothing for resolving the lack of nutrients and only slightly decreases the amount of toxins consumed. We have to change the focus to getting more nutrients into our bodies and eliminating toxins.

Where to go from here?

My advice would be to forget about calories. Change the foods you eat! But then eat as much as your body tells you to eat (really listen to your body). Change your foods to real, whole, non-toxic foods. Mostly organic fruits and vegetables. And raw, if you can. The real, whole, raw foods have the highest nutrient content (cooking and processing reduce the nutrient content). Find ways to avoid toxins as much as possible.

If we can make this change, then the body will be able to start operating as expected and that is vitalized, healthy and vibrant. And there can’t be anything wrong with that!

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2 Responses to “Don’t count calories, nourish your body!”

  1. dave

    The topic of this article bought me..

    I am a huge fan of health and fitness, and watching all these new methods to lose weight, weird diets that make you starv and the cutting calories like its an infectious disease.. makes me wonder why do people still believe to all this nonsense.

    We need to nourish our body with whole food (like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulse, nabataeans etc).

    Thank for the article,

    • Pete

      Thanks for the comment Dave. I like your way of putting it, that is’s like an “infections disease”. I agree. The aim should be to make our bodies healthy.


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