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Doctored – The Movie

 Doctored – The Movie

A Jeff Hays Films and Working Pictures Production, 2012

This is a very well done documentary. So much of what we’re told publicly is a blanket of lies and deception. This documentary provides one way to crack through that and peer at some of the truth that lies below. Our lives depend on us finding the truth and making the right choices for ourselves.


Here are some of my notes from the film;

  • Starts with some of the history how chiropractors were being labelled as quacks
  • Then the Wilk suit came along
  • About 500 pages of documents were leaked from the AMA showing a coordinated attack to eliminate chiropractors
  • These pages were leaked by someone working at the AMA who said they suddenly realized they were working for a “morally corrupt, politically and economically motivated organisation”
  • In 1987, the AMA was found guilty of conspiracy to “contain and eliminate” the chiropractic industry
  • Patrick Gentempo makes a very good speech about a doctored system and the big picture
  • There’s a nice story about a guy who contracted MS
  • They talk about “suicide by lifestyle”
  • “There’s money in sickness – it’s the biggest industry out there!”
  • “Medicine is not healthcare, it’s sick care.”
  • The US has 5% of worlds population but consumes 50% of prescription drugs
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome – fixed by chiropractic work on the neck – over 1400 cases – doctors wanted to operate on shoulders
  • John Stockton basketball ankle injury – this is now of the first times I realized that the wearing of shoes causes ankle injuries – the feet tend to roll off the sole – bare feet couldn’t do this
  • Big pharma can’t make money if people go to chiropractors and get well
  • One of the first times I saw Dr Daniel Amen being interviewed
  • Purdue Pharma fined 600 million for misrepresenting addictive quality of their drugs – but they profited hugely more than this
  • GSK sales forced bribed doctors to sell there drugs – fined 3 billion – people died – nobody goes to jail
  • Behind closed doors big pharma call doctors “drug whores” (from an ex-executive at a big pharma company)
  • Big pharma now has a marketing ploy to try and get kids on drugs
  • Parker Jensen case of chemotherapy – parents were told their 12 yr old had cancer – but nothing on MRI – still expected for chemo – told it was invisible cancer – went to state and federal courts – threatened to take the child away from the parents – mention of the Burzynski institute – parents must be negligent because government knows best – father charged with kidnapping his own son – father was in jail for weeks – child was never found to have any cancer – turns out the pathologist was pressured to find 12-year old males for clinical trials (how horrible and disgusting!)
  • “Drug companies will not market something that cures”
  • For one drug to be approved in the US it costs about 1.5 billion (an example of big pharma making a system that keeps everyone else out)
  • Even though everything else has failed, people are not allowed to use Burzynski treatments because they are “experimental”
  • There’s a separate federal court system in the US for vaccines
  • Never have to sign consent for vaccines
  • Case of child with reactions after vaccines – at 2 yrs of age language stopped – repression into autism started – risk was on the vaccine label in the description of reactions
  • In 1986 companies were going broke because of so many suits over vaccines – a law was passed so that nobody can sue, not even for death – separate court setup – they are paid 70 cents from every vaccine – used to pay off families under condition they can’t say they were paid or how much
  • Boy born with hole in heart – over 6 weeks modern medicine saved his life – brilliant – then said he’s likely to get cerebral palsy – keep him on the drug phenobarbital – father was a chiropractor – knew danger of drug – used chiropractic methods – doctors watched him like a hawk – hospital bill was over a million – if he went on phenobarbital, child would have been a lifelong customer of big pharma
  • James Chestnut – great speech near the end – need to capture it or find his books
  • “Well being totally dependent upon the quality of the ecosystem we live in – we cannot live outside the laws of the universe”
  • “Conventional farming is basically a synthetic system, they get their potassium from fossil fuel sources” – in one US state the average average farm yield was 66 bushels – the organic farm in the film yielded over 90
  • Genetically modified foods are horrific. For example, the new seed that doesn’t produce life so it has to be bought again every year.

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