Cut Poison Burn

Cut Poison BurnCut Poison Burn

This is a film about how the large pharmaceutical companies manage the business of cancer. It’s all about making profits. The overall chance of survival has not reduced over the last 100 years. We have the same survival expectancy whether we have radiation/chemotherapy or no treatment. The pharmaceutical companies and governments suppress potential new, natural therapies so that profits can be maintained from “conventional treatments”. They even try and press criminal charges against people who refuse to have the conventional therapy of radiation and chemotherapy (which costs, on average, US$ 350,000 per patient).

It’s all a bit horrifying and depressing actually. Who can you trust? Certainly not large companies or governments.

There’s a poignant moment in the film where a young boy dies after a long battle with cancer. His death certificate said he died from respiratory failure caused by the toxic effects of chemotherapy. And this is supposed to the the treatment provided to us. Earlier in the film they talk about how the aim of radiation and chemotherapy is to kill the cancer cells, just before the treatment kills the rest of us, and then try and bring us back to health.

It’s scary.

In the movie FoodMatters they talk about other alternative treatments like ultra-high intravenous vitamin C dosing and Gerson therapy. To me, these sound more sensible and potentially beneficial than radiation and chemotherapy. They are certainly not harmful. And, if radiation and chemotherapy don’t really increase our chances (on average) but cause a lot of damage, then I think I’d lean towards other options.

I believe the truth can be found in nature. If we ground ourselves in nature and ate natures food (raw, organic fruits and vegetables) and avoided artificial chemicals (that’s hard!) then the incidence of cancer would be rare to start with. Maybe the cure of cancer is just to get back as close to nature as we can. It’s highly likely that cancer is actually a man made disease.

Here’s the trailer for the documentary;

You can purchase a copy of the film here –

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