Comment on Western Medicine

Eckhart Tolle - Western Medicine - May 2014In this short video, an Australian doctor asks Eckhart to comment on Western medicine. She specifically mentions how Western medicine often doesn’t cope with early signs of imbalance, is overly aligned with drugs and that there’s a gap between the care people┬áneed and what they get.

I like the way Eckhart summarizes this as the “human dimension is often lacking” and┬áhe goes on to acknowledge that, within mainstream medicine, there are many doctors who are doing a very good job (treating the whole person) and that nurses are often the ones to add the human dimension.

I loved his advice to the doctor;

  • “don’t focus on what’s wrong” (you can point it out, but don’t focus on it)
  • “focus on how things need to be done, with awareness”
  • “and you can show the way”
  • “make your contribution”
  • “the change starts with you”

This is a good message for me in many areas of my life.

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