Clean : the revolutionary program to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself


Clean - a book by Alejandro JungerBy Alejandro Junger

When I first read this book about a year and a half ago now (it’s Jan 2104 as I write this) I really enjoyed it. It was great to read about nutrition from a man who is a heart surgeon and started to realize that there was more to health than just fixing the mechanics of the body.

This book is a great resource for information. I found its style quid easy to read. I really liked his approach to allowing your body to detoxify and learning about the sort of things we should avoid eating (his Elimination Diet). This was also the place where I started to learn about the details of how the gut functions and how important it is.

The chapters of the book are;

  1. Why Clean?
  2. A Doctor’s Journey
  3. Global Toxicity : Another Inconvenient Truth
  4. Modern Food Exposed : We Are What We Eat
  5. How Toxins Affect Your Health
  6. The Common Root of Dysfunction : Digging for Answers
  7. The Clean Program
    • Why Clean?
    • Getting Started
    • The Clean Program
    • Your Instructions
    • Quantum Detoxification : Cleaning the Mind
    • The Clean Planner
  8. After the Cleanse
    • Clean for Life
  9. Cardiovascular Disease and Toxicity
  10. A Vision of the Future
  11. The Clean Recipes, Revised and Expanded
  • Appendices
    • More Testimonials
    • Unexpected Common Sources of Heavy Metal Exposure
    • Prescription Drugs and Nutritional Depletion
    • Detoxification Nutrients
    • Clean Resources

This is definitely one of the books that I’ll read again.

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