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An Amazing Interview

Bruce Lipton being interviewed in 2011

Bruce Lipton being interviewed in 2011

This is an absolutely amazing interview. Bruce is a scientist that has a number of great insights. When I saw this (Sep 2013) I was amazed. It was like “YES!, he’s got it, that makes so much sense and fits with so many other things I’ve been reading!”. Here are number of things I took away from this interview.

Genes do not control our destiny

  • 40 yrs ago Bruce was involved in stem cell research. He knew then that environment changed the outcome of stem cells. The same stem cells could become a large variety of different tissues just by changing the environment they were in.
  • He published this but was basically on his own
  • Had had violated the “central dogma” that the flow of information is from DNA to RNA to protein
  • This is still being taught to medical student today, but it is totally false!
  • The outcome of this central dogma is that genes control our life – that’s totally false!

Modern medicine does not acknowledge new facts coming from quantum physics

  • There are two types of physics – Quantum physics and Newtonian physics – for explaining the work
  • Newtonian physics treats the world as a simple machine to be understood – medicine uses this
  • Quantum physics realised (a hundred years ago) that invisible fields are very important (for example, magnetic fields)
  • So we realise that we have bodies immersed in fields
  • Newtonian physics leads to a focus on particles
  • Quantum  physics means that the fields must be understood to understand the body
  • Einstein made a quote like – “the field is the sole governing agency of matter”
  • These invisible fields give matter it’s shape
  • A good example is the experiment we did at school with iron filings in a magnetic field
  • The body is like iron filings. Need to understand the field to understand its shape.
  • Quantum physicists about a hundred years ago talked about “the matrix”. An energy field. Some people equate this to God and spirit.

Placebo and nocebo

  • Everyone knows about the placebo effect where positive thoughts can directly improve your health
  • There is also an opposite effect called nocebo where negative thoughts can directly make your health suffer
  • It’s true that thoughts can change our health
  • Negative thoughts can kill
  • 70% of our thoughts are negative.

Curing ourselves with our minds does not sell

  • Medicine today is controlled by money and the need to sell drugs
  • As a result, placebo and nocebo relatively ignored in medical school

The conscious and subconscious minds

  • Having a positive thought does not mean they’ll manifest
  • Forces form a field that shape biology
  • There are two parts to mind –  conscious and subconscious
  • Conscious is creative and leads to the notion of our true selves
  • Subconscious is a tape player but a million times more powerful
  • Subconscious runs our biology about 95% of the time
  • Subconscious is not good or bad, it’s a tape player – it’s the programs it has that can be the problem
  • Positive thinking comes from the conscious mind (tiny processor) – subconscious programs could work in opposite direction
  • 95% of the time the subconscious is running the show
  • Conscious can run any aspect of my biology, but it’s a small processor
  • When the conscious is daydreaming the subconscious is running the show
  • The conscious is not paying attention and does not see the programs the subconscious is running
  • We do not see the subconscious when it plays
  • We got the programs from other people during our development
  • The subconscious programs can sabotage our good intentions and we feel like a victim to outside forces
  • Can’t talk and reason with the subconscious – it’s a tape player – need to find how to record new programs

The subconscious mind is populated with programs in our early years of life

  • Child doesn’t express dominant alpha waves until after 6 years before that they have theta waves like in a trance
  • During the early years we just download experiences from other people, but we keep them for rest of lives – other peoples behaviours
  • One example
    • Up to 6 yrs we were told we had to go to the doctor to get healed
    • This installed a program in our subconscious
    • It’s a fact that many people get well on the way to doctor
    • That’s because the program says we must go to the doctor before healing can start
    • Even though we always had the capacity to heal ourselves
  • We are profoundly powerful people
  • Our frail image is a belief

Genes are not destiny – our limiting factor is our mind

  • Field and thoughts are as important as anything
  • Genes are nothing
  • Genes are a blueprint
  • They are a pattern only
  • Genes don’t decide to do anything
  • The mind reads the genes
  • Epigenetic mechanisms in the mind can generate over 30,000 different outcomes from the same genes
  • The mind can determine the outcome
  • The mind is the limiting factor not the genes.

Here’s the interview. Please leave me comment to let me know what you think about this or what you get out of it. Thanks.


I was first exposed to this interview through this page from Nick Ortner –

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