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Biscru – raw biscuits

Biscru - a French company selling raw biscuitsBiscru – une autre nutrition  (Raw biscuits – French website)

Just stumbled (Dec 2013) on these products in our local organic store here in France. They are a company that makes raw biscuits or crisps. They are sort of a cross between biscuits and crisps. I didn’t know this was possible, biscuits that aren’t cooked. And what’s even better, they are organic.

Last night, we tried the one pictured here which is based on beetroot and carrot, and they tasted good. I’ll certainly try these again. The other one we have to try tonight is olive and onion.

All of the flavors they have available are;

  • Savoury
    • beetroot and carrot
    • olive and onion
    • tomato and paprika
    • zucchini and curry
  • Sweet
    • banana and blueberry
    • fig and lemon
    • apple and date
    • chocolate and coconut
    • sesame and chocolate

Looking at the ingredients of the olive and onion variety, I see the following,

  • black olives (22%)
  • onions (16%)
  • hulled buckwheat grains
  • hulled sunflower seeds
  • golden linseed
  • parsley
  • sea salt (1%)

and everything except the parsley and the sea salt is organic.

I’ll certainly be trying these more. I can see that they’d easily be a good option for anytime you’d like something to “dip” with (apart from raw carrots and celery that are both excellent for dipping), or something healthy to nibble on like crisps.

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