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This website – Best For The Kids – seems to be a good source of information for parents. It’s put together by Sandra Cobain and I think she’s done a very good job. I see plenty of articles that I like, one example of which isĀ “15 Benefits of Going Out and Engaging with Nature for Kids” that reinforces how beneficial it is for kids to interact with Nature. That’s a really good thing for parents to be reminded about. The Eden Project is one great way get your kids reconnected with Nature.

15 Benefits of Going Out and Engaging with Nature for Kids

Then when I find the following articles on teaching gratitude, mindfulness and even yoga to kids, I think that this must a special online resource. These are not the topics I’d be expecting to find on a parenting advice website, and covering such topics should really be applauded.

16 Sensible Ways to Teach Your Kids to be Grateful

Regarding the gratitude advice, I certainly like “Embracing Scarcity to Cultivate Gratitude” and “Engage Kids in Random Acts of Kindness”. It really is refreshing to read this article and to get thinking about how we’d like to be with out kids.

11 Simple But Effective Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

Mindfulness – what a great topic for kids. Can you ever be too young to be exposed to an important concept like this? I especially liked the discussions about the points “Practice Active Listening”, “Mindfulness While Eating” and the “Stop and Notice Trick”.

10 Proven Benefits of Yoga for Your Kids

Topics like these are certainly more important than the average topics covered on websites like this. So well done to Best For the Kids, please keep up the good work and maintain honesty and authenticity. Many thanks to Sandra Cobain and the Best For The Kids team.


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