A Star and the World of Light

A Star and the World of Light

a star and the world of darknessThere once was a beautiful star that lived in a world of light. In this world, everything was light, there was no such thing as darkness. The star knew it was beautiful and emitted the most wonderful light, but it never had the chance to experience and verify this because absolutely everything in this world was light. There was no darkness. Everything was beautiful, warm light.

The star knew that it was beautiful and emitted the most wonderful light because it was taught this truth from a very young age. Its parents taught it this, and it was confirmed in school. It knew that it was light and was very happy about that, but it was also sad because it had no opportunity to experience its brilliant light because everything in this world was light. This disappointment became deeper and deeper for this star.

One day, the star was so disappointed that it went to the elders and asked if there was any way it could experience the beauty and brilliance of its light. The elders tried to convince the star to let go of these desires, but the star was very persistent and despondent and the elders could see that it was a real problem. Eventually, one of the elders admitted there is one way to gain the experience that star was looking for, but this elder warned that it’s very a difficult and dangerous option. The star was so excited and replied that it didn’t care how difficult it was, it wanted to pursue the experience of its own light. The elder sat down and said let me explain why it’s so difficult.

A star and the world darknessThe elder explained how all the elders would first need to create a world that contained darkness. Such a world is very foreign to the stars and it seems so unnecessary. There’s no need to have darkness when they have so much light to share and enjoy. Darkness seems to be such a negative and unnecessary thing but, in order to experience the true magnificence of a star’s light, darkness is the key ingredient.

Next, the star cannot enter this world that contains darkness just as it is because its light would immediately fill the dark world and eliminate all the darkness. The star would have to have its light covered so that darkness would remain. Even worse than this, the star would have to have its memory erased so that it wouldn’t remember it was star with a covering over its light.

“Why would my memory have to erased?”, asked the star.

The elder replied, “If you had your memory of yourself in this world of light, the temptation to remove the covering over your light would be too great and you would remove it quickly. You would not get the experience that you are looking for. You have to enter the world with your light covered and without the knowledge of who you are. At first, you will learn to live in the world that contains darkness. You won’t be aware that you are light. You might even start to identify with darkness and think that you are darkness. This can be very hard, but it’s necessary to find the experience that you’re looking for.”

“Hmm. I understand. This is not as easy as I’d assumed.”, thought the star.

The elder continued, “After you’ve settled into the world of darkness adequately, we will send you messages to gently remind you that you are actually light, the most brilliant light that can eliminate all darkness in this dark world. When you do realise this and experience how your light can eradicate all the darkness, you will have the amazing experience that you’re looking for. However, getting the message through to you is not easy. It can be hard for us to get you to remember who you really are. There is a chance that you can be lost forever in this world of darkness.”

“Wow! This sounds amazing! What an adventure! I don’t care about the dangers. How will you send me messages prompting me to remember?”, asked the star.

a star and the world of darknessThe elder answered, “We will put messages everywhere in this world of darkness. They will be in the words of books, in the words of songs, in scenes from movies, in the words spoken by your friends, in your dreams, in your thoughts and we will even communicate with you through your intuition. We will keep trying and trying to get you to awaken and remember and then, once the process has started within you, we will leave you more alone so that you can uncover the truth yourself. At first you won’t believe it. You will start to know that you are light, but you’ll also deny it. You’ll think that you can’t be light because you’ve strongly identified yourself with the darkness we’ve created. The darkness isn’t real, but you think it is, and you will think it’s really a part of you. Gradually you begin to realise the truth and you’ll lift the cover off your light a little bit. The brilliance of the light that peeks out from under the cover will scare you at first and you’ll cover it up again. a star and the world of darknessGradually you’ll experiment and begin to understand and believe that you are 100% pure, brilliant light. You’ll realise that your light can cure the darkness in the world. Little by little you’ll release your light and you’ll have the most amazing experience of the beauty and the infinite power of your light. You’ll see it doing good everywhere and you’ll be very pleased. In this artificial world of darkness, the process of uncovering your light is called ‘enlightenment’.”

The star was now in tears. It was so happy to know that such an experience was possible.

“This is exactly what I’m looking for and an experience that I really want to have. When can we start?”, said the star.

At that moment the star’s memory went blank and the adventure began.

Now reconsider this short story, thinking about your own life here on Earth. Change the word “light” for “love”. Change the word “darkness” for “fear” or “hatred”. Change the word “star” for “you”.

Do you see the fit? Do you feel it? What does your intuition tell you?

Are you ready to pay attention to the messages and begin to uncover your light (love!)?

This story was partly inspired by the story of The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch and also a partly by The Story of the Golden Buddha.

2 Responses to “A Star and the World of Light”

  1. Rani

    Dear Peter

    I love your story as is ! It says it all doesn’t it?! I feel we also get messages from the experiences we create for our own evolution. Knowing how to observe our lives as an actor and spectator can be quite challenging .. But less and less so for those on the path.

    Wishing you, your loved ones and all beings much love and light, now and in 2016.


    • Pete

      Thanks for the comment Rani. I’m honoured that you took the time to read the story. I have to thank you yet again for being so instrumental in bumping me out of the rut where I thought the whole world was just at it is, that there was nothing I could do about it and that I was a poor, helpless victim. I was so wrong. Thanks for the gentle (or not so gentle) push.


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