A little story about a golden child

This little story about a golden child came to me basically in a day-dream. That might sound a bit weird but, even weirder, I feel like a voice inside me is insisting that I write it down. So here it is. This story has been inspired by The Story of the Golden Buddha and several things I’ve read in books by Neale Donald Walsch recently (haven’t written reviews on these yet). I hope you enjoy the story.

a little story about a golden child - bronze buddha statue

A little story about a golden child

There once was a golden child that existed in a golden world. Everything, absolutely everything, was golden. The child knew it was golden too because it was told it was so. It was told stories about how special it was to be golden, but it didn’t feel special because every single thing in this world was golden.

One day this golden child went to one of the elders and said that it would like to really feel what it was like to be golden. It would like to have the feeling of being special. To have the feeling of seeing the magnificence of its golden-ness. The elder told the child that in order to have this experience, it would have to go to a world where “not-gold” exists. It would also have to forget that it was gold at first. The child’s gold would have to be camouflaged so that it didn’t know it was gold. Then, at some point it could discover that it really was gold, and experience the feeling of awe and wonder at the magnificence of its golden-ness. That’s the only way to gain this experience, the only way to really have the feelings and emotions derived from the wonder of its golden-ness.

Unfortunately, it means that the golden child might be unhappy for a while as it experiences being not-gold (at least being fooled into believing it’s not-gold). There’s also a danger that it might not discover that it is really gold within its time in the world where not-gold exists. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the child is a failure – how can it be? – it really is pure gold! When the golden child gets back to the golden world and realises that the trip to the world where not-gold exists didn’t work, it can always decide to try again, and keep doing so until it does work. It can keep trying for as long as it wants to.

Even if the golden child does gain the wondrous experience of its goldenness, it might decide to experience that again and again, or it might be happy (fundamentally and really happy) to have gained those feelings and to be a really pure golden child in the golden world, carrying with it forever the real knowledge and feeling of what it really is.

How can we equate a golden child to ourselves?

There’s quite possibly a similar story to this for ourselves. Of course, we’re not made of gold. But consider this. What if, at our core, we are pure love. We come from a world were everything is love and we’ve chosen go to a world where “not-love” exists so that we can experience our pure lovingness. Of course, to get the real experience we can’t arrive in this world knowing that we are pure love, that just wouldn’t work at all. We have to temporarily forget this fact about ourselves so that we can rediscover it. That’s the only way to get the true impact and the true experience of what it means to be loving.

These are interesting thoughts worth pondering, worth meditating over. It’s amazing how such a simple thought can completely change how we’d react to this world where “not-love” exists.

Do you think there could be some truth in this? Leave a comment below or send me an email. Thanks.

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  1. Christopher

    God that was beautifuly said thank you. I know now that I’m not the only one here that just made everything I’ve ever been through and continue to for me would make it worth every bit of God’s love worth waiting for I just had an epiphany I think and I really don’t know what that means lol

    • Pete

      Thanks for the comment Christopher. I really like this story too. There’s something about it that makes it feel like there’s truth behind it.

    • Chelsea Taylor Worrell

      In finding this story and today’s events that unfolded to get me to this website, I have found my answers that I’ve been searching for since I entered into my own world of the world not knowing me to be golden. Every word of the story fits to my own up bringing. My soul has found its truth that from beginning of my life I knew love was the key to everything. I then went 13-15 years into being told that love was not the key. To now at this exact point in my life I will forever know that I was right from the beginning. I have found my purpose to be true. I never gave up and I found what I’ve been searching for, evidence of my truth. Thank You for this!!! I love with everything I am and can’t love and thank you enough for this. I’m not alone! Bless you

    • Gretchen

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m 53 just coming into this understanding as my siblings refer to me as the golden child. All I do is give life all I can and God picks up from there….both a blessing and a curse.

  2. Chelsea Taylor Worrell

    In finding this story and today’s events that unfolded to get me to this website, I have found my answers that I’ve been searching for since I entered into my own world of the world not knowing me to be golden. Every word of the story fits to my own up bringing. My soul has found its truth that from beginning of my life I knew love was the key to everything. I then went 13-15 years into being told that love was not the key. To now at this exact point in my life I will forever know that I was right from the beginning. I have found my purpose to be true. I never gave up and I found what I’ve been searching for, evidence of my truth. Thank You for this!!! I love with everything I am and can’t love and thank you enough for this. I’m not alone! Bless you

    • Pete

      Thanks for your comment Chelsea. I’m really pleased that the story resonated with you and that you’re becoming aware of who you really are. Sending my love in your direction.

  3. Chelsea Taylor Worrell

    Everything happens for a reason and I’m truly taken back by all of this. This is the greatest treasure I will ever find. I’m truly dumb founded and can’t explain in words what this did for my life. I’m in a transitional period of my life where I had a fork in the road and this solved it all. I’m 28 years old and female. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and was wondering Christopher if you can tell me how old you are and where you live. It’s crazy to know your not alone and gives me the power of love to conquer life and help others the most I can. It is cool that all of us felt this way in March. Maybe planets having effect on us. No matter religion or beliefs, love is the the only thing that passes to the other side and lives forever. The power is love.

  4. Jimmy bowden

    It takes blacks and whites to make GOLD
    Tallahassee. Florida
    See-Allah-sat For-dial

  5. Chelse Taylor Worrell

    I just found this article again and read my reaponses a couple of years ago. What is crazy is that I just watched a movie called the Heros Journey at the crisis center because everyone has been telling me that Im rumnimg away from love, my virtuous husband Joshua. When really, Im afraid of getting hurt in everyway like I did in my previous marriage. In rrading and finding this article it has blown me away. It has helped me to remember of the goldeness before. Im afraid of repeating my first relationship, and giving myself completely. I have a tendency of being able to give to where my partner feels golden but then takes advantage. Then I become resentful. Not only that but Im the most loyal person; so any cheating or breaking my loyalty then I die inside and sabotage the relationship to where we break up. My man better only have eyes for me. I want a big family and love kids. My man better want the same and treat me like a queen. That is how all mothers should be treated. Women bring life into this world and that is a miracle on its own. The last thing is no abuse of any kind. Don’t ever lay a hand on your woman, for they are ypur gardens of eden, and you will stop her from wanting to grow…if her spirit has been broken. Women need not to be verbally abusive and Im working on it. Us Texan/Alaskan women talk loud and will tell you right where to go and stick it if you deserve it. Also, sassy and bossy…definetly run high. 🙂 Well cross my fingers and if its meant to be then it will be. Love you Dad(Homer Lee Worrell Jr.) & Grandma (Jo Ellen Worrell)

    God please bless my family with abundances in all areas of our lives. Please bring laughter and nothing but good times so that we may lift our family and friends, then every connection, till we reach you in Heaven. Please bring me a baby boy so that Joshua may be have a son to teach. He will be such a great father and really, Im excited to have a family that will grow bigger and bigger. I hope for tons of family time and lots of love making. 😉 I want that connection of complete and utter love. I want to go all over the world, on family trips. I want a Happily Ever After Fairytale ending. Someone to grow old with. When we are old, I want us to be as in love, if not more in love as we were in our 30’s. Before I sat backed and watched a lot of life, all around me. I want us to be endowed with money so that we dont have the financial stresses and it doesnt cause fights. I want to spoil and be spoiled.. 🙂 I would love and be very grateful to have my fathers estate and legacy so that I may have it and it to be passed on. I had the best of both worlds growing up. (TX and AK) Being snow birds or having the choice every year would be awesome. I would love to build up Alaska and make it the greatest country state. I have so many great ideas to improve and grow on this great land. I want to be seperate and run things differently then they do, down in the lower 48. We will lead the other countries by example. Definetly, going hunting and fishing is a must.
    Last, I would love for us to have created a Legacy, consisting of busniesses and properties from Alaska to anywhere in the world for our children, their children, and so on down the line.

    Long Lives & Good Health/Laughter & Happieness
    Chelsea-Safe Harbor
    Alexander-Protector of Mankind
    Remedy-The Cure
    Penelope-The Weaver

  6. Chelsea T. Worrell

    Learned a lot and honestly isn’t what I thought it would be. In taking care of a man that fell on hard times due to his daughter having cancer, I figured out my true love and helped to lift his spirits. I got him back up and in doing so, his energy of pulling him up, knocked me straight down. In this happening , is when I realized that man that could connect my past, present and future. I realized who felt close to home. Personality has a lot to do with relationships and there was someone like me growing up that was born in Texas and raised in Alaska. He happened to also be my ex-husbands best friend back in the day but didn’t feel bad for the feeling the way I did because nothing ever transpired while I was with my ex-husband Patrick. I’ve always been a girl that was in a relationship for heart….not anything else. I can make my own money and am a great mom. I couldn’t ask for more. 🙂 Life has been pretty hard the last two years wading threw hell to emotionally help another fallen person. I would like to say that I have received good energy back from giving it all I could…but nothing has blossomed so far. The last post I left was a silly’s girls dream and unfortunately when you start living with someone, you see the real truths if it could work or not. In all honesty I’m worn out and tired of sitting on the bench and it’s all I’ve been doing since December 5, 2018. I pray to the God above that things change for the better of everyone involved. I feel like I have been on the longest journey and would like to find stable structure, the right love and raise my family. I have always left love up to fate and the heavens and I will continue to do so. I’m sorry if anyone ever felt like I was a know it all or bossy but I have faught a longtime for happiness and love; and have been threw more shit, then I care to even keep track on. Made a lot of great friends along the way and family is as difficult as ever right now. I have hope that it will all turn around and work out for the best for myself, kids, family, friends, everyone. Before I began my journey, I was told to always show love and by God, I’ve been giving it my all and giving love to everyone around…that I could. Never in a sexual way, but in a motherly way. I feel like I have been a great teacher for many along the way. I really don’t want to teach anymore but live and have fun. Here’s to hoping my dreams and wishes do come true. Happy Birthday to myself! Yup it’s my birthday. Hope everyone the best and take care.

    Chelsea T. Berry-Worrell, NCMA

  7. Chelse Taylor Berry-Worrell, NCMA

    I have tried to always give to everyone, family, friends and loved ones. Found a man that is in the same boat as me. His name is Joshua P. Carte and we are good friends. Both pushed out by family and have gone through hurt like no other…seems to be everyone’s story these days and no one being immuned. Makes me sad because my vision was so much more beautiful and I can’t seem to get away from my ex-husband Patrick and my Mother’s games of them both taking my children. One wants control, the other money. Makes me sick because all I want for the kids and I is utter happieness, bliss, laughter, financialy wealthy and protected. I’m afraid that if my kids stay away, they are both headed for a hard life because the people raising them, is not me or the right fit for their teachings. I pray and hope that career and winning a lotto finds me so I can set things straight and help heal the ugly in those around. I pray and hope for love and happiness to find Joshua and I. I hope that him and I both get Happily Ever After’s with our kids, because we deserve it. Star Light Star Bright, I wish on the stars tonight, that what I’ve wrote becomes true for my Birthday Wish Tonight. I wish that Joshua and I get all our dreams to come true, tonight. He’s been a great friend and I’m wishing for the both of us on this night. I ask the World to move forward again for me and everyone I know around. I ask to mend everything and have life begin the right way for once and not end in shit. I wish to be a millionaire and that My Father’s Legacy finds me without me having to lift a finger. I hope that a lawyer calls me and says, Chelsea you are the heir to The Worrell estate. You are Homer Lee Worrell Jr.’s Daughter and here is enough money for you to always take care of everything. I know my Father, Grandmother, Grandpa, Uncle Rex and my ancestors are watching over me and the kids, they know I have been True and that I know my name and what it stands for and who I am. I’m Chelsea Taylor Berry-Worrell, NCMA and my cups are never empty but have multiplied and are over filled. I ask to be forgiven for and sins or wrongs that I’ve done. I ask to be whole inside where great hurt, doesn’t live anymore. I ask to be able to Love and Smile again. I ASK THAT THE CHILDREN AND I BE FREE, from all the turmoil that has gone on. I ask, wish and pray… AMEN!

    • Peter

      Happy Birthday Chelsea! I hope the true peace, love and joy are with you always (and you don’t need worldly possessions for that). All the very best!

  8. Chelsea T. Worrell

    Shooting for the Stars in all areas of my life.. Is All You Can Do. Don’t be afraid of crash landing on The Moon(wise friend came up with that analogy) Get back up and try again. Won’t be back to write… not my thing but glad to work the shit out. Much Love and Respect… Chelsea Out

  9. Chelsea T. Worrell

    I have known I was Golden since birth… so the story is wrong. Problem is a Golden Child can’t change the rest into Gold with others around that drain her in every way shape or Form. Since the Elders of Gold have left, I’ve been stuck with as family members. On top of it, my children are around the rott and decay… don’t you know that? They have custody and call the shots. The energy of rott and decay all around but then by Doctors that won’t help with what a Golden Child has asked for; for many years of trying. How can they give something when they have been taught that people are not golden anymore. That all people are the root and decay… which isn’t true. Yes to not get what I ask… would bring people of not same around… but again the equation would still be wrong.


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