You Look Disgusting

You Look Disgusting

A short video by Em Ford

You Look Disgusting is a short video that raises a very important topic. How easily people can despise themselves because of how they perceive their appearance. It’s amazing how quickly people judge others by their appearance and how easily some people feel like they can’t be happy unless they are hiding behind a mask of make-up. All this makes me so sad about how often we are cruel to ourselves and to other people, and all for nothing.

This is a great social experiment performed by Em Ford. It starts with her unhappiness about how she looks (even though she looks completely fine without make-up!) and the reactions of other people, transitions into happiness because she’s wearing make-up, then into hatred from others towards her for wearing make-up and then finishes with the self-hatred of others who have acne.

It seems like the whole human race has hangups like these and we have to ask ourselves why. There’s no need.

Please watch You Look Disgusting by clicking below or you can read the full transcript at the bottom of this page.

I’ve written about issues like these in my articles Our Artificial World and A moment of love without attack.

The way forward from You Look Disgusting

These are serious issues and I applaud Em Ford for highlighting them in such a clever way. How can we place the importance of ourselves, or the importance of another person, in the appearance of our bodies? None of us had any say in which body we were going to get, so what could it possibly say about us as people? Nothing. It’s very important (but hard) for all of us to overlook bodies. I know that’s not what popular culture says, but bodies are of little importance. We have look beyond the body to see and understand the person behind. This is where truth lies. The body is just a clever disguise that tricks us into mistaken emotions and feelings. If you can look at a person and say “you look disgusting” an then, a few minutes later look a the same person with make-up and say “I like you”, then you know you’ve been fooled.

Em Ford seems to have performed this social experiment quite by accident. She is a young lady that likes make-up and blogs and has a YouTube channel about make-up techniques. She doesn’t need make-up. Nobody needs make-up. We look at skin and think we’re seeing a person. It’s our eyes and our minds that are deceiving us and it doesn’t have to be this way.

You Look Disgusting – Full Transcript

  • My Pale Skin
  • 3 months ago I began posting images of myself without makeup on social media
  • During that time, over 100,000 people have commented on my face
  • The following film contains real comments that were left on those images
    • I can’t even look at her
    • What is wrong with her face?
    • you look disgustingHer face is so ugly
    • Ewww… Gross… Horrible… Ugly…
    • Seriously… has she ever washed her face?
    • Ugly as F*ck
    • Revolting
    • You look disgusting
  • [she applies makeup… it takes a lot of effort]
    • You look beautiful
    • You’re so pretty
    • You’re so cute
    • You look amazing
    • I love your makeup
    • You look so stunning
    • That lipstick is amazing on you
    • You’re so perfect
    • This is amazing, but so gross
    • You were too much makeup
    • This is false advertising
    • This should be illegal
    • This is misleading
    • This is why I have trust issues
    • You’re so ugly, that’s why you wear makeup
    • Imagine waking up next to her in the morning
    • She still looks like sh*t
    • Trust no f*cking b*tch with makeup
    • Respect yourself damn sl*t
  • [she starts to cry]
    • You look disgusting
  • [she starts removing the makeup]
    • Acne makes me feel worthless
    • 27 years old, so fed up
    • I’m 12 years old, I have acne, please help me
    • 25 years old, I still struggle
    • 17 years old, what do I do?
    • 41 years old, have had acne for 18 years
    • It makes me cry
    • I get bullied because of my skin
    • I’m learning to love myself
    • I wanted to kill myself
    • People make fun of me
    • I am more than my skin
    • I feel dirty
    • It makes me depressed
    • People stare
    • Makeup makes me feel good
    • I feel so ugly
    • I hate myself
    • Makeup is my saviour
    • It ruined my life
    • What is happening to me?
    • My confidence is growing
    • It give me anxiety
    • People don’t understand
    • I’m finally accepting myself
  • [Now all the makeup is gone]
    • You look beautiful
  • You are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you differently, not even yourself

you look disgusting

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  1. Joanna

    Powerful. Thank you for sharing. Your content always resonates with me and I appreciate it all.

    • Peter

      Thanks Joanna. I’m flattered that you appreciate my content. All the very best to you, Peter.


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