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Water - The Great MysteryWater – The Great Mystery

This documentary is very interesting, even if it is a bit hard to take in some parts. Some of the interesting things are;

  • water is the only substance that can exist in all three states of solid, liquid and gas
  • it’s the only substance that expands when it gets colder
  • we are mostly made up of water
  • life began in water
  • water has a memory!!
  • even though is has only one chemical form, the molecules themselves can take the shape of structures
  • these structures are effectively a memory
  • water can be highly structured with a lot of energy, or essentially dead
  • if someone talks nicely to water, it takes a positive structure
  • if someone talks in an abusive way to water is takes a poor structure
  • the water with the best structure in the world is found in places in nature where it hasn’t been touched recently by civilisation
  • if music is played to water, it takes on a better structure
  • if all the water is extracted from gasoline, what’s left won’t burn. Water is needed for it to burn!
  • water from nature has a good structure and is healthy for us
  • water that has been piped to our homes is essentially dead
  • if two bowls of water are placed before a dog, one nicely structured and one dead, the dog chooses the nicely structured water

There’s so much in this movie, and so much to verify, I’m going to have to watch it again and do some research on the claims.

Here’s a quote from Deepak Chopra about this film;

“Water” shows us through science that our thoughts have an effect on our external reality. Imagine the possibilities when people realize their own potential for creativity. Films like this give me hope that there is an emergence of collective intelligence that can solve the problems of the world.
– Deepack Chopra

One thing for sure, the movie suggests that getting water from natural sources is the best things for us and our health, and we should respect water as an important part of nature.

You can purchase a copy of the film here –

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