Waste Deep

waste deepThis is a very interesting 20 minute documentary, called Waste Deep, that makes me reconsider the food I eat and the waste I create. There are plenty of things to note in this documentary, but some of them are;

  • The images of the amount of plastic found inside sea-birds is shocking
  • Nature already does a good job of packaging – plastic is for shipping
  • “In nature, there’s no such thing as waste – everything gets returned back to the system!” – plastic doesn’t return to the system…
  • One major┬áproblem is that we’re influenced by marketing to believe that we can have anything we want, whenever we want.
  • “When we grow it, we know it!”
  • Avoid supply chains and shorten the distance between farmers and consumers
  • It’s good to reduce plastics, even recyclable plastics
  • “in 4 years the UK will have no more landfill for rubbish” – could that be true?
  • Look for what options you have other than just going to the huge supermarket
  • “Look for whole foods rather than something processed to within an inch of its life”

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