Time for a Spiritual Revolution

Russell Brand calls for a spiritual revolutionI hadn’t really noticed Russell Brand before, but Jessica put me onto this video (see below the quotes) which features him. All I can say is “Wow!”. I have no idea how sincere he is, but the words and concepts expressed in this video hit home with me.

Some quotes from Time for a Spiritual Revolution

we are all one, we are all together, and every individuals rights need to be respected

need to look at the world as one inclusive entity

we need a spiritual revolution more than a political one

when we’re connected, there’s an inevitability to a successful revolution

what’s important and what’s defining are things we all share – love, unity, togetherness

negative human traits – greed, selfishness, lust… ¬†we will be exploited by corporations that prey upon these negative facets of humanity.

Do you have any experience with Russell Brand to share?

I’m not very familiar with Russell Brand. Do you have anything, positive or negative, that you can share about him in the comments? I’d really like to learn from you.

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