The Map

The Map by Boni LonnsburyI read this book straight after reading Simran Singh’s book, Conversations with the Universe, and I found it fascinating. Basically, I couldn’t read it fast enough. It was very well written, easy and entertaining to read and each chapter challenged my beliefs and got me thinking in whole new ways.

“The Map” certainly won’t be for everyone. Many people will dismiss it outright from the very start, and that’s fine. For some, it could be very interesting reading.

As a taste of what “The Map” is about, the very first line in the introduction is;

You create your own reality. No fine print. No exceptions. No asterisks.

and then a bit later, in Chapter 1, there’s this line;

And if you are not consciously creating it, you will be unconsciously creating it.

I don’t recommend this book for everyone, but if it feels right for you, it’s a great read.

Table of Contents – The Map

  • Introduction
  • One: The Art of Conscious Creation
  • Two: Follow the Map to a Life You Love
  • Three: Who Are You, Really?
  • Four: Clarifying Your Dream
  • Five: Bringing Your Dream to Life
  • Six: The 24/7 Flow: Beliefs
  • Seven: Techniques to Increase the Flow
  • Eight: Action: Accelerating The Process
  • Nine: Your Reality Will Respond
  • Ten: The Secret to Faster Change
  • Eleven: Make Room for Miracles
  • Twelve: Changing Your Life
  • Appendix A: Building A Dream From The Ashes
  • Appendix B: A Letter From Your Future Self
  • Appendix C: Requests to Your Higher Self

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