The Best of Japan

the best of japanThe Best of Japan

Mindfulness of others

From DK the Human, published 6 September, 2017

The Best of Japan is a short (1 minute 19 seconds) video from DK the Human┬áthat explores the benefits of a society that is mindful of others. I’m sure there are other societies that act in a similar way, but they are generally rare. When did some of our larger societies lose their way and think that it could be prosperous to disregard others and see them as opportunities to rip-off of and “succeed” over?

The statement I love the most in this video is “When you cultivate a society where people are mindful of others, life is better for everyone.” ┬áThat’s why it’s good to be respectful and considerate of others, because it’s good for everyone, the giver and the receiver of the consideration and everyone else as well.

Transcript – The Best of Japan

Japan is amazing for countless reasons, but my favourite part can be summarised in three words; mindfulness of others. In Japan people act with others in mind, instead of only thinking of themselves. Take something simple like letting people pass on the escalator. In other countries, you can make signs and people still won’t listen. In Japan, everyone automatically does the right thing to make life easier for everyone else. And it’s like that with everything. You can nap on a crowded subway because people are quiet. You can enjoy clean streets because people don’t litter. You can feel like royalty because people will serve you with a smile and a bow. The culture of respect creates an unbelievably safe atmosphere that leads to modern day miracles. In a busy cafe, you can leave your phone or laptop and not have it stolen. You can park your bike outside and it will be there when you come back. Even though anyone can walk off with it, in Japan, it just doesn’t happen. You can even find scooters on the street with keys in the ignition. When you cultivate a society where people are mindful of others, life is better for everyone. It’s a lesson that the rest of the world can learn from Japan.

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