Success, failure and the drive to keep creating

Lovely short talk (only 7 minutes) by the author of “Eat, Pray, Love”. She talks about how she spent 6 years writing but constantly got rejected before her first success. She was working as a waitress in a diner for those 6 years, and it would have been so easy for her to give up. But she says that writing is her “home” and that’s what she wants to do more than anything. No matter what’s happening in her life, she always goes back to writing, her “home”. This is reminiscent of “Finding your bliss” in the Finding Joe movie.

Some of my favorite quotes from this talk are;

here’s a hint: Your home is whatever in this world you love more than you love yourself.

your home is that thing to which you can dedicate your energies with such singular devotion that the ultimate results become inconsequential.

The only trick is that you’ve got to identify the best, worthiest thing that you love most, and then build your house right on top of it and don’t budge from it.

fight your way back… by putting your head down and performing with diligence and devotion and respect and reverence whatever the task is that love is calling forth from you next.

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