Souls, Being – once upon a path

Souls, BeingSouls, Being – once upon a path

“Souls, Being” is a book written by Edwina Gustafson who is a friend I’ve made through this blog. It’s a relatively short novel that doesn’t take too long to read, but I found it captivating. The story is surprising and has a number of plots intertwined with each other. I always found myself wanting to see what was going to happen next, right up to the very end of the story.

Of course, there is a spiritual theme running through this book, and that interests me. My guess is that if you’re somebody who is also interested in spirituality, you’ll be interested to read this book.

Edwina suggests that the following link is the best way for somebody to obtain a copy of “Souls, Being”;

I found some of the book a little difficult to read, but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment. Edwina replied to me that “It’s not a straightforward read I know but all is revealed and explained quickly. I worked SO hard to keep the story short and crisp.”

If you’re interested in spirituality and would like to be entertained for a couple of hours, then “Souls, Being” could be for you. It’s not very expensive and it’s easy to get a copy of.

I downloaded the mobi version of “Souls, Being” for reading on my Kindle, and it worked a treat.

On her website, Edwina says the following about herself;

I’m a psychic, animal communicator and writer. I’ve been offering consultations and readings and animal communication since 2003, although I’ve always sensed energy and talked with animals. I feel very blessed to have clients all over the world.

Souls, Being is a tale rich with spiritual themes including how and why we create our soul contracts and the magic of how our animal companions come to be on our paths. It is my way to explain and describe all that I see and have seen about souls and spiritual journeys.

I live a vegan lifestyle. I make time for swimming laps, gardening and cooking.

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