Seeding Fear

Seeding Fear

Seeding Fear is a short (only 10 minutes) documentary showing the sort of thing Monsanto is doing in the United States. The documentary was made by Shakey Pictures (Neil Young’s film company) and Kings Point Productions. The documentary is told by Michael White whose father (Wayne White, now deceased) was vigorously sued by Monsanto when he was in his eighties. Later Michael was also sued for “cleaning” some of Monsanto’s patented genetically-modified (GMO) seed. Michael did not back down from the giant corporation and won the case.

Michael runs a small seed cleaning business (where saved seeds are cleaned so they can be stored and used the next year) and he cleaned some seed for a friend without knowing it was GMO seed from Monsanto.

Today over 90% of the soy, corn and cotton seeds in the United States are GMO seeds coming from Monsanto.

seeding fearOften, the need for GMO crops is portrayed as necessary because our farming has to become more efficient. All I can say is that this feels like a whole lot of propaganda and lies. It seems much more likely that GMO crops are all about owning the farming industry, stopping farmers from saving their own seeds and making large profits. End of story.

Amazingly, if Monsanto’s GMO seeds blow onto a farmers fields, the farmer can’t sue Monsanto, but Monsanto can sue the farmer for patent infringement. That’s just wrong. It’s fairly clear that Monsanto is powerful enough to have worked the law into its favour.

seeding fearThe amazing thing is that seeds are a fundamental part of nature and farmers have had the benefit of nature’s seeds since time began. Now, a large corporation is taking over nature’s job and succeeding. This doesn’t feel right and it’s most likely not going to end well. It’s certainly not the right direction for us to be taking.

What can we do? Wherever possible, all the people that can could save seeds and grow our own crops in our gardens and fields. In a way similar to the gun lobby in the U.S. insisting that guns must remain part of the average persons rights so that they could protect themselves from corrupt governments, the average person can save seeds as our right and protect ourselves from greedy corporations which have lost their way.

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