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The Secrets of Food Marketing

Secrets of food marketingeTalks – The Secrets of Food Marketing

Thanks to Jill for putting me onto this. It’s an interesting short talk from Kate Cooper, a “marketing consultant to the food industry”, describing how marketing people cover up what’s really going on in order to trick us into buying products.  The video was posted by a group called “Compassion in World Farming” –

Kate says that there are three techniques that marketers use;

  1. Everyone believes what’s on the label
  2. Focus on progress (avoid the truth and make it look like progress is being made)
  3. You (the power of willful ignorance! – everyone is prepared to look the other way)

One example is that instead of saying that the product has come from a “concentrated animal feeding operation”, marketers label it as “farm fresh”. She also quotes that “50% of all antibiotics in the world are used on farmed animals”, which is quite shocking if true.

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3 Responses to “The Secrets of Food Marketing”

  1. Anass Ichiche

    my name is Eness.
    First of all ive enjoyed watching the video, cuz this woman spoke the truth using knowledge and respect.
    To be honest, i will probably never become veganist or any other kind. But what i am is careful when i use my money to buy food. The only day i would become vegan (this is the most extreme situation) is when there is no one who can delive me food that have been treated with respect during the whole proces of making it.
    Now my opinion about this video is: I completly agree what K Cooper said in the video. but do you really think people will change there ways of buy and choosing only by telling them the truth? I think that most of the people will look away and keep doing what they do, cuz thats how most of the people are: they seek facilitation. In the other hand, what i whink that would help to solve this problem is: tell very sortly (like in this video) the problem, but atleast as important -> give an alternative solution. people are lazy, aslong as they dont recieve an other option whey will keep doing what they do, even if its bad..
    Hopefully you understand my opinion, but most of all: hopefully this problem will be solved in the future.

    • Peter

      Hi Eness,
      Thanks for your comment. I have a few comments in return.
      (1) All the hype about being “vegan” often goes too far to me. It’s really just about eating plants and things derived from plants. Does someone have to be 100% vegan? No. But eating more plant based foods is a good idea for many reasons.
      (2) You mention how people generally “seek facilitation”, and I realise that sometimes I’m “good” and try to do the right thing, but there are other times where I certainly take the easy route and seek facilitation. So I can’t judge what anybody else does. Hopefully, as a group, we’ll start doing more things that are good for us and the planet (and think this is already happening).
      (3) And regarding “give an alternative solution, people are lazy”, I believe the alternative solution very simple. Almost everything that is advertised and we buy we don’t really need. We can live on less food and very simple foods, and we’d be healthier. So a very simple life would be cheaper and healthier, but it would be hard for most people to make that change given the pressures of advertising. It would be good for lazy people, but the fear of missing out and not fitting in will often win out.

      All the best,

    • Roberto

      If you truly respect something then you wouldn’t kill it and then chop it up into bits in order to cook it and feed it to you’re a friends or family. There are some other things you should know. Meat is carcinogenic and so are eggs so you might as well give your kids cigarettes for breakfast, the meat industry is destroying the planet’s environment more so than all transportation as it’s byproducts amount to rainforests being destroyed to grow feed and the transportation of meat from one place to another as well as the waste of the animals causing dead zones in the sea and did you know that the longest drag net for fishing heard of was 70km long and so on and so on. There is no reason for any of us to eat meat again other than we have been brainwashed into thinking it is ok. Think for yourself and the ones that you love and make the right decision. The other thing I love about people talking about being vegan is a lot like talking about something aggressive and insulting in which case we need to make the term seem more societally accessible like “I love animals as I am one”?! What do you reckon?


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