How quantum mechanics explains global warming

How quantum mechanics explains global warming - Lieven ScheireThis is a nice short video (only 5 minutes long) that explains how CO2 acts as a blanket around the Earth. The infrared heat emitted by the Earth would pass out into space except that CO2 captures part of it. The CO2 molecule gains the energy that it absorbs from the infrared photon of the right frequency coming from the Earth then, a short time later, it will spit out a photon as it returns to its original energy level. This photon is spat out in a random direction, some of which go back towards Earth. This is how some of the Earth’s natural heat is captured and isn’t¬†radiated out into space. The more CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere, the more heat that is trapped on Earth.

How quantum mechanics explains global warming

For more detailed scientific information on global warming see –¬†Why I must speak out about climate change

It’s clear that the CO2 levels in the atmosphere have been rising alarmingly in recent decades, in line with predictions made back in the early 1980’s. This video explains the scientific link between additional CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and increased Earth temperature. The problem is worth our attention. The good news is that if we can commit to reduce our emissions (see use10percentless) it’s not too late.

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