Perfect happiness? – amazing advice

perfect happinessPerfect happiness? – amazing advice

Woman Gets PERFECT SCORE on The Happiness Test! | The Science of Happiness

From – published August 2013

This is a very short video, just a couple of minutes, but wow, is it impactful. A woman named Mama Hill is interviewed after she scored a perfect score on a happiness test. They wanted to find out why she appeared to have achieved perfect happiness. I find her answer so beautiful. You really should take a couple of minutes to hear it. The video is linked just below so it’s easy for you to hear her message and at bottom of this page, I’ve constructed a transcript of her words as best I could. Enjoy.

Perfect Happiness? – Transcript

I created this transcript of Mama Hill’s words. I didn’t generally bother with the interviewers words. As far as I can tell, this transcript is correct.

Well, I’ll give you a very brief, little summary of what I do every morning when I wake up. I wake up, and I say this day I choose to be happy, well and complete. That’s first. I thank God for letting me get up. Then, I thank God for the fact that I have running water and a toilet, I have soap, I have toothpaste. There are people in the world who don’t have any of those things. And for food. Because sometimes we think oh, “I don’t think I can make it today”, “I don’t think I’m… uh…”, but we have to realise that we are truly blessed. Then I thank God for peace in my house. I have a peaceful house. And I meditate. And then, after I meditate and have my prayer, I, um, just say “ok God, how may I serve you today?” and “who can I help today?”. And, finally I watch cartoons. And when I watch the cartoons I wait for the answers I just asked. And that’s a very happy, beautiful day for me. Cause I don’t have any… cartoons don’t have any problem, there’s always an end to it, right? Something good happens at the end. And I have several cartoons that I watch, until my day begins. And so therefore, I don’t have an attitude. I’m glad to be here.

After being thanked…

“It’s my pleasure. You should watch cartoons!” – “(interviewer) I do! What’s your favourite?” – “Oh, my favourite is ‘Clifford the red dog'”

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